Pests We Treat In Colorado: Beetles

Beetles belong to the insect order called Coleoptera, which is the largest order of insects. Their front pair of wings are hardened into wing-cases, which distinguishes them from other insects. There are more than a quarter of a million beetle species in the world, with a total of 92 of those species being found in Colorado.

Identification of Carpet Beetles

While we’ve worked with a wide variety of beetle infestations, the type that we tend to see the most of invading homes and buildings in Colorado is the dermestid (carpet) beetle. Carpet beetles have hard, oval-shaped with six legs, two antennae, and two wings beneath their shells. These beetles are also 1/8–3/16 inch in length, and are shiny black and dark brown in color.

Carpet beetles are attracted to natural fibers, so can often be found items such as:

  • Paint brushes
  • Carpet (if the name didn’t already give that one away)
  • Fresh flowers
  • Silk
  • Pet fur and human hair

Carpet beetles typically stay away from synthetic fibers, but can become attracted to them if the fibers contain sweat, oil, or blood from a human or animal. Because they are also attracted to flowers, be sure to check any for carpet beetles before you bring them into your home.


If you suspect that you may have a carpet beetle infestation, inspect the following items, especially if they are made up on natural fibers:

  • Rugs
  • Carpeting
  • Furniture
  • Blankets
  • Clothing

Carpet beetles can also be found in dry-stored food products, including rice, oats, and dog food.


In order to help prevent the infestation of carpet beetles, it is important to have your carpets vacuumed (at least once a week) and steamed (at least once per year). This will help to prevent larvae from carpet beetles from being able to grow, live, or eat because it removes their food sources from the carpet such as lint, hair, and pet fur. It is also recommended to:

  • Keep storage areas clean
  • Clean out the inside of your trash can
  • Secure doors, windows, and air vents
  • Inspect flowers before bringing them inside
  • Maintain a clean home and yard
  • Treatment

At High Country Pest Control in El Paso and Teller Counties, our team of experienced and highly trained pest control technicians exterminate carpet and other types of beetles once and for all with our state-of-the-art extermination services. After getting in contact with us, we come to you and give your property a thorough analysis of your pest infestation problem so that we know exactly what methods need to be taken. Don’t put your home at risk any longer — give us a call today!