Unless your child has a pet rodent or tarantula, you probably don’t want to be seeing any small mammals or bugs wandering around your home. The same can be said of your business office, health care facility, or child care center. If you’ve noticed an increase in creepy crawlies around your home or work, it’s time to call for a pest exterminator. Contact High Country Pest Control in Colorado Springs for a free estimate and choose a pest control plan that works for you.

Preventing Pests

Pest control starts with taking precautions to prevent an infestation in the first place. If you’re already overrun with ants, rodents, or other pests, these precautions could still prevent the infestation from getting any worse before you contact a pest exterminator.

Safely Store Food & Water

If you’ve noticed the pests in your home or office are attracted to a specific source, take actions to remove it. Make sure food is sealed in pest-resistant plastic or glass containers. Dump out any water source that pests could be attracted to or move it to a place they won’t be able to access.

Remove Shelters

If you find areas that clearly look like a shelter your pests have sought refuge under, take measures to remove it. If it looks more like a nest than just something pests have been hiding under, contact a professional pest exterminator. Pests carry a variety of diseases that you don’t want to expose yourself to, and a professional will know how to handle it appropriately.

Eliminate Garbage

If your garbage contains food scraps, make sure the bin has a lid that seals tightly. Do not let trash overflow in your home and take it out regularly to prevent pests from attempting to enter your home.

Fix Leaks

Leaky plumbing can allow water to accumulate in different spots in your home, attracting pests. Pests are also attracted to trays that collect water under your houseplants, refrigerator, and your pet’s water bowl.

Fix leaky pipes to prevent water from collecting anywhere, and don’t keep trays under plants or your refrigerator. Use water-absorbing fertilizer to prevent water from dripping and have your refrigeration checked for leaks. Store your pet’s food and water bowls at night rather than leaving them out.

Get Rid of Clutter

Pests can hide and breed in places that are cluttered, making them difficult to get rid of. Throw out old stacks of newspapers, magazines, or cardboard where pests could be hiding.

Repair Cracks and Holes

Pests can get in through cracks, crevices, and holes around your home or office. Repair this places so they can no longer get in or hide. Calk any cracks or crevices around baseboards or cabinetry; fill the spaces around pipes with steel wool; and cover any holes with wire mesh.

Research Local Pests

Different climates have different pest problems. Depending on where in town you’re located will also affect the type of pests you will see. For over 30 years, High Country Pest Control  has provided treatments for a variety of pests in different neighborhoods around Colorado Springs. These types of pests include:

  • Ants
  • Bed bugs
  • Bees
  • Black Widow spiders
  • Carpenter ants
  • Centipedes
  • Cockroaches
  • Fleas
  • Mice
  • Rats
  • Termites
  • Wasps
  • And more

For a full list of pests we treat for, check out our Pests page and contact us to schedule an estimate.

Treating for Pests

Now that you’ve taken preventative measures to avoid a greater pest infestation and future infestations, it’s time to treat for the specific pests you’re having a problem with. Pest control is best left to a trained and experienced team, though there are some pest treatments that you can purchase at the store. Whether you’re treating for a large or small infestation, contact High Country Pest Control for tips on treating for the type of pests you have throughout the year.

Keep Pets & Children Away

Pest treatments often include chemicals that are meant to be harmful to pests, but can also pose a danger to pets and children. Block off areas of your home from your pets and children where you’ll be spraying treatments or laying traps.

Use Baits & Traps

To lower exposure to chemicals as much as possible, baits and traps are one of the safest, most effective options for pest control you can use. It’s important to keep pets and children away still, but the risk of exposure to toxins is reduced significantly compared to bug bombs and sprays.

You can find different baits and traps for a variety of pests, from cockroach bait to mouse traps, so be sure to choose ones specifically for the pests you’re trying to eliminate.

Contact a Professional

It’s best to leave more extensive pest control work to a trained and experienced team. Pest exterminators understand the behaviors of pests, what they look for, and how they get into your home or work facility.

Types of pesticides vary depending on the type of pests and whether the infestation is inside your home or outside. Pest control teams will be knowledgeable on which pesticides are safe to use in and around your home or office.

If you’re experiencing an infestation and need a team of trained and experienced pest exterminators, contact High Country Pest Control in Colorado Springs for a free estimate.

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