Reliable Earwig Pest Control Services in Colorado Springs

Since 1987, High Country Pest Control has been providing safe and effective exterminator services in Colorado Springs and the surrounding areas. With more than 30 years as your trusted pest control partner, we are equipped to resolve your earwig infestation in a few easy appointments. Our experts use the eco-friendly treatments and the latest techniques to make your service experience as simple and convenient as possible, and, in most cases, you won’t have to leave your home while we work! We are passionate about keeping your space safe for you and the people you care about most — contact us today to schedule a free consultation!


Earwigs are brownish to black in color, narrow-bodied, elongated, and somewhat flattened insects. Their body length ranges from ¼-inch to 1-inch long. The key characteristics for distinguishing an earwig from other insects are their forceps-like cerci or appendage on the rear on the abdomen. The cerci are used to capture prey and for defense. They are commonly referred to as pincher bugs.


These insects cause problems in new homes where land has been cleared. They sometimes build up in large numbers and invade homes during certain times of the year. They often congregate next to foundations around the exterior perimeter. Active at night, they may often be seen around lights or around windows and damp, dark places.


Although they feed on dead animal and plant material, they invade homes during the summer months, especially in times of drought or excessive rain. Their presence is both a nuisance and unsightly. Don’t let these pests take over your home — contact us today!


There are several ways to help prevent earwigs, such as:

  • Physical removal by a vacuum
  • Remove areas in which they can harbor. These include areas such as:

    • Mulch
    • Ornamental rocks
    • Patio stones
    • Picnic furniture, etc. 
  • Close up cracks and crevices (exclusion) around the perimeter of the home and around drainage pipe areas. 

Professional residual power spray treatment around the perimeter of the home will also reduce earwig populations. At High Country Pest Control, we offer pest control spray treatment for earwigs.


A professional treatment is the best way to reduce earwigs in a given area. High Country Pest Control offers professional treatment for the reduction of earwigs. Our pest control technicians are thoroughly trained to address your earwig problems. Don’t waste time and money on over-the-counter remedies or unprofessional service. Call High Country Pest Control in Colorado Springs for reliable pest control service and a free phone quote today!