Pests are known to be sneaky. They can find their way into your home and then hide in the most surprising places. If you would like to know where these pests might bug you, read on! Here are 4 hiding spots that bed bugs love:

A bedroom with chairs in the corner

Pests In the corner of a room behind furniture

As you can imagine, pests love to curl up in dark corners. Bugs are no exception. When they go into hiding, they will crawl behind furniture or underneath beds so that their whereabouts are not obvious to home owners- especially if they’re not looking for them.

Bedroom with carpeting and a rug

Pests underneath carpets or rugs

Bugs will also hide underneath carpets and rugs. Do not forget to regularly vacuum these spots. Pests love the feeling of soft material that traps warmth. Bugs will crawl underneath your carpets and rugs to find a warm, dry place that is hidden from view – perfect for bug hiding.

A white headboard with a magnifying glass

Pests Behind headboards

Bed bug experts know that many bugs will hide behind a headboard. This can make them hard to get rid of because you might not even realize they are there – at least not until you start seeing bug bites on your head.

A mattress being vacuumed

Pests Inside mattresses

Pests can crawl into your mattress and live there for months on end without you knowing. They will hide out in the stuffing of a mattress, which is why bug experts recommend that you get rid of old mattresses as soon as possible to avoid dealing with bed bugs later down the line.

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