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4 Common Fall Pests and How to Prevent Them

As summer comes to an end, most people tend to think that pests do too. While cooler weather may diminish some pests, the truth is that many of them will continue thriving and go as far as seeking shelter and food indoors. Each fall, homeowners record an increase in pests.

So while you enjoy the season change and prepare for fall festivals and football games in Douglas County and El Paso County, High Country Pest Control wants to share some of the common pests to look out for.

A photo of a rat.


Rats and mice are the most common fall intruders. Just like humans, these pests require food and warmth for survival during winter. Their spread should concern you since they spread diseases and form nests in the insulation. They also chew through the wiring, causing fires.
What’s more? Rodents can fit through the tiniest of cracks and always travel in a convoy with ticks, lice, fleas, and mites.
How do you keep the situation under control? Start by ensuring you always store food in airtight containers and sealing cracks around your home’s foundation. You should also remember that rodents reproduce very quickly, so if you suspect an infestation, it would be wise to contact a pest professional immediately.

Stink Bugs

This summer, watch out for stink bugs. While these rascals do not bite, sting, or transmit diseases, their droppings could damage your furniture, clothing, and other fabrics. True to their name, these pests emit a terrible odor when disturbed or squashed to repel their predators.
Because of their lazy nature, they prefer hiding in personal belongings. So, before bringing your belongings inside, ensure you check them thoroughly. Another measure that could help is keeping the screens on windows and doors in good condition always.

A stink bug.
A woman in bed pulling the sheets over her face.

Bed Bugs

These are every season’s constant, and fall is no different. In fact, this is the most rampant season, considering many people travel for family gatherings and sporting events and go back to learning institutions. Note that these are notorious hitchhikers and will find their way to your home, whether it is by catching a ride on school bags, clothing, or suitcases.
Bed bugs do not spread disease, but the itchy welts they leave on their victims could be traumatizing. To minimize their invasion into your space, it is a good idea to thoroughly inspect hotel rooms before unpacking and avoid keeping your personal belongings on public floors. If there is a bed bug infestation, be sure to contact High Country Pest Control.


These are inarguably the most dangerous pests on the list. Cockroaches can spread up to 33 different types of bacteria and trigger asthmatic attacks in kids. Since they are usually found near drains and pipes, it would help if you kept your bathrooms and kitchens sanitized. Vacuuming frequently will also ensure all the cracks in your walls are sealed.

A photo of a cockroach.

Above are the most common pests that could cause you a headache during this fall. But, the great news is that there is a way to put them all under control. If you live in Douglas County and El Paso County, High Country Pest Control is your to-go pest exterminator.
Reach out and learn more about our services.