If you’ve read our blog about common springtime pests, you’re well aware that there are a lot of critters coming out of hibernation and looking for food and a place to nest. While there are many precautions you can take to prevent pests and prepare for them trying to enter your home, nothing is more helpful than consulting with your local insect pest control company.

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Deep Clean The Kitchen

Out of all the areas in your home, the place you’re most likely to see insects invade is the kitchen. They’re looking for food and a source of water to bring back to their colony — and they’ll send more troops if they find it.

Keep your countertops clean of crumbs and spills, toss overripe fruit, and keep as much food as possible sealed in the fridge or stored in the pantry. Go through your spices and non-perishable foods and make sure nothing is expired or has any holes in the packaging. It’s also a good idea to wipe down pantry shelves in case anything has spilled.

Take the time to sweep and mop your floors as well. Move as many appliances out of the way as possible to remove any dirt, dust, and food particles. This will keep ants, beetles, and Indian meal moths from finding their next meal in your kitchen.

Tip: If you have pets, make sure their food it sealed away in a pest-proof container and refresh their water often. Insects and rodents are just as attracted to your pet’s food as they are to yours.

Check For Water Leaks

Many springtime pests are looking for a water source to survive the increasing temperatures, so leaky pipes and standing water are often the culprits of cockroach or silverfish infestations. Check under your sinks and plumbing in the bathroom to make sure your pipes are tightly sealed and water isn’t collecting anywhere in your home.

Tip: While you’re in the bathroom, clean or replace your shower curtain and liner, and clean out your cabinets. Extra grime or spilled bottles can attract unwanted visitors as well.

Eliminate Clutter

Insects and rodents like to nest in sheltered areas. This includes basements, garages, and porches. If you’re storing a lot of belongings in these areas, take the time to go through them and get rid of what you don’t need. Store your belongings in plastic bins with secure lids, as pests can chew through cardboard boxes.

While you’re cleaning out these areas, keep an eye out for cracks and crevices. Mice and insects can easily enter your home through these insecurities, so take the time to caulk and repair these holes.

Tip: Once you’ve cleaned out these sheltered areas, purchase and install ultrasonic pest repellents. These pest repellers plug into the outlets of your home and emit a high-frequency sound to repel and exterminate pests.

Clean The Exterior Of Your Home

After the winter months, it’s a good idea to check around your home to see if your property sustained any damage from snow storms. Check your roof for rotting shingles, repair fascia, and clean out gutters and downspouts. Rotten wood attracts pests like termites, and damaged gutters allow easy access for pests through your roof.

Replace torn screens on your windows and doors, replace weather-stripping, and repair loose mortar around your foundation and windows. Make sure these safeguards against pests are sealed and doing their job.

Take time to prune bushes, shrubs, and tree branches. Limbs that come too close to your house allow easy access for bugs hiding out in your plants.

Tip: Remove tree stumps and replace mulch in your garden beds. These wooden materials will start to rot from the winter moisture and will also attract harmful pests like termites.


When it comes to a thorough inspection of your home and insect pest control options, trust those who are certified and experienced. High Country Pest Control in Colorado Springs offers insect pest control and rodent control services to help you prevent and exterminate pests around your home. Contact us today for more information about our service areas and maintenance plans.