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Signs of Bed Bugs and What to Do

One of the most common pests giving families headaches is bedbugs. Bedbugs are mainly active during the night and bite their victims in their sleep. They feed by piercing your skin and drawing blood via their elongated beaks. Although most bedbug bites are always painless at first, they later turn into itchy welts.

In case you do not know you have a bedbug infestation, you may attribute the welts and itching to other causes like mosquitoes. So how do you find out your home is bug-infested? When it comes to pest control, the staff at High Country Pest Control are good at what they do and have for a long time served the residents of Douglas County and El Paso County. Learn more about what to look out for below.

A bed bug bite.

If you wake up with itchy bites that you didn’t have when you went to bed, it could be a sign of a bedbug infestation. Here are some other signs that could indicate you have bed bugs:
Bloodstains on your pillowcases or sheets
Rusty or dark spots of bed bug waste on your bedding
Bed bug fecal spots at the places where the bedbugs are hiding
A foul odor from the bed bugs’ scent glands
If you suspect an infestation, it is time to take action to get rid of them and prevent their return. Getting rid of these pests begins with tidying up the spaces they live in. This includes:


You could start by removing your personal items such as toys, electronics and blankets, and anything that stays in the room temporarily. While at it, remember that these items could transfer the bugs to other areas, so you must place them in plastic bags.

A person searching for bed bugs.
A person doing laundry.

Thorough Cleaning

Your best method of getting rid of the bugs completely is eliminating the eggs. Scrubbing the infested surfaces using a stiff brush will help you do this. Vacuuming the infested room also goes a long way.
It would be helpful if you used a vacuum hose attachment to vacuum furniture cracks and crevices and along the wall baseboards. It also helps to vacuum on furniture, rails, bed stands, footboards, and bed seams. With a perfect cleaning job, you could get rid of particles from crevices and cracks to increase insecticide penetration.

Caulk and Seal

After the cleaning, you should caulk and seal all the openings where wires and pipes penetrate the floor and walls. It could also help to reduce the bugs' harboring areas by filling the cracks around the molding and baseboard.

When it comes to bed bug infestation, the key is identifying the root source. Once you’ve done this, getting rid of these pests is an easy task for our expert exterminators. At High Country Pest Control, we help you in all matters of insect pest control. We are your number one pest exterminator in Douglas County and El Paso County.

A bed bug.

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