Now that it’s springtime, keeping your home in Colorado Springs free of pests should be one of your top priorities. As different insects and animals are coming out of hibernation, they’ll be looking for places to nest — don’t let your home be one of those locations!

Keep an eye out for signs that the following springtime pests have invaded your home, and contact insect pest control for a professional pest exterminator like High Country Pest Control.


These insects are a common pest you’ll see during the warmer months of the year, so you’re going to see them pop up when the temperature starts to rise.

Carpenter ants look for food and shelter, seeking refuge inside and outside the home. They could form an outside nest or build a colony in your walls. They create tunnels in the wood that could damage your home’s structure.

Pavement ants usually stay outside, but they’ll venture into your home to look for food. Make sure you keep food scraps cleaned up and all food is tightly sealed and stored.

If your home is being invaded by any type of ant, contact High Country Pest Control for insect pest control.

Bees & Wasps

Bees are essential to the environment, but that doesn’t mean they should be living in or around your home. If you have pets or small children especially, these stinging insects put your family at risk. In the springtime, queen bees look for a place to lay their eggs and form their colony. Pay attention to where you see bees coming and going from and contact an insect pest control company to safely remove them.

Wasps, hornets, and yellow jackets are also a concern in the springtime. These pests, however, can be exterminated rather than relocated from your home. Pay attention to eaves and overhangs on your home where these pests are likely to form nests.


Another common pest you’ll see around a lot more in the springtime is the housefly. These insects are looking for somewhere safe to lay eggs and are advantageous when it comes to entering your home.

The best way to keep flies outside is to keep doors shut as much as possible. If you’re trying to get fresh air in your home, make sure you have screens installed on your windows and doors so you can enjoy the summer breeze without the annoying flies in your face.


You may notice spiders in your home year-round, but you’ll see more of them when other insects come out of hibernation. Spiders appear in sheltered area of your home, like the garage, basement, and porch.

If you see more spiders in your home, it’s a sign that you have other insects infesting your home. While spiders will help control the infestation, some are venomous and can be dangerous to you and the children.

Rats & Mice

While not insects, these tiny mammals are still a year-round nuisance around your home. These critters sneak in through vents, gaps in your roof, pipes that travel through your walls, and doors that don’t fit correctly in their frame. These pests also search for open food containers and nest in piles of material like wood and newspaper.

The good news is that, if you have a rat or mice infestation, High Country Pest Control also offers rodent control services.


Spring is a great time to get outdoors and enjoy the weather, but it’s also a time when pests are trying to get indoors. Make sure your home is protected and contact High Country Pest Control in Colorado Springs for insect pest control and extermination.