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Signs of a Mouse Infestation

Mice are the most common type of pests that afflict most homeowners. But, how do you know your home is infested with mice? If you can see the rodents during the night and never during the day, it means their population hasn’t gotten too large.

This way, you can control them using bait and traps. But, if you are seeing rodents during the day, gnaw marks, or even fresh droppings, it is an indication that the population is quite large. The good news? If you are in Douglas County or El Paso County, High Country Pest Control will help you in pest control.

Are you looking at a mouse infestation in your home? Here are signs to look out for.

Fresh Droppings

They are usually dark and moist, and with age, they dry out and crumble at any touch. You will most likely find them in drawers, cupboards, near food packages, and under sinks.
However, the highest amount of droppings you will find is in places the rodents feed or nest. It is therefore essential to inspect the region around the droppings to establish if the infestation is active.

Gnaw Marks

Newer gnaw marks are usually lighter in color and darken with age. You can find them on your house structure or food packaging. If the marks are lighter in color, it could be a sign of a continuing infestation.
You can also tell from the marks whether you have mice or rats. Rats often produce more prominent marks. Therefore, if you had a mouse infestation and you’re now seeing larger gnaw marks, you could be having another intruder!

A mouse.
A mouse.

Foul Odor

Commonly cats and dogs get excited during rodent season. They easily notice this presence from the smell of the rodents’ urine after they’ve entered your home.
Therefore, if you see your pets pawing at areas where they previously had no interest, do not leave anything to chance. Instead, pick up the torch and inspect the area for mice or rats. A stale ammonia smell emanating from hidden areas could indicate an active infestation.


To create their nests, rodents use fabric, dried plant matter, and shredded paper. If you find these areas with fresh droppings, odor, gnawing marks, or tracks, your home is infested with mice.

A mouse.

To sum it up, the above signs will help you establish whether your home is mice-infested. Do not worry if this is the case, as High Country Pest Control will come to your rescue. If you are a Douglas County or El Paso County resident, you can always count on us for pest extermination.
For our services, contact us today. No matter the mouse problem, we’ll make sure your pest problems are a thing of the past.