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Bed Bug Exterminator Services

Bed Bug Control In Colorado Springs, CO

Environmentally Friendly Bed Bug Control In Douglas County & Teller County

Bed bug infestations are no laughing matter. Once these elusive pests break into your home, they can hide in beds and other furniture and feed on you while you sleep — leaving red marks and itchy welts on your skin.

There's no use waiting for bed bugs to clear up on their own. These pests are extremely resilient and can survive up to six months without eating a blood meal. They also multiply at an astonishing rate, laying one to five eggs every day. If these creatures have infiltrated your home in any capacity, you need to act quickly and decisively. It's time to contact a bed bug exterminator that you can trust, like the highly trained experts at High Country Pest Control.

With over 30 years of experience in the bed bug control industry, High Country Pest Control has seen, inspected, and treated it all. After serving thousands of households around the Colorado Springs area, we know what it takes to find and remove bed bugs at scale. We use a three-stage process for bed bug control to ensure the complete eradication of your infestation and provide a 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

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Our Colorado Springs Bed Bug Control Service

Manage bed bug infestations without the headache of DIY

Before High Country Pest Control applies your bed bug treatments, we request that you help us prepare your home. We can provide you with a bed bug control prep sheet before your service date. However, if you want to get a head start, here's what you need to know:

  • The heat of your dryer can kill any bed bugs or eggs that have found their way into your clothes. Run your clothes in the dryer for at least 45 minutes. 
  • Remove all your sheets and bedding, then lean your mattress and box spring against one wall.
  • Remove all items in your closet, dresser, and nightstand, and place them into plastic bags.
  • Store all plastic bags with these items away from your living areas so they don't get in the way during treatment.

Please keep in mind preparation is essential for any effective bed bug control treatment. It is critical to prepare your living space for your bed bug technician well in advance and ask any questions you might have before the service. Following our preparation steps to the letter will allow your assigned technician to bring about the best possible outcome.

With these preparations out of the way, High Country Pest Control is free to treat your property. We will apply three different treatments to the affected areas in your home to resolve bed bug infestations of any size. Here's what you can expect:

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Let High Country Pest Control Protect Your Property From Bed Bugs

High Country Pest Control doesn't cut any corners when getting rid of bed bugs around homes or businesses. Our treatment schedule will totally resolve your bed bug infestation, regardless of the size or severity. And with thousands of happy customers and hundreds of five-star reviews, it's easy to see why we're a leading provider of bed bug control and home pest control in Colorado Springs.

Don't take any chances in protecting your local home or keeping your business pest free. Instead, go with a local bed bug exterminator you can trust — High Country Pest Control! Contact us today for your free estimate.


    High Country Pest Control helped me with a mouse issue in my house. They came out very quickly and set up stations all around my house. When they came back for the follow up, the stations gave me a clear idea of what state my issue was in.

    - Soleil W.
    "We are so impressed!"

    High Country keeps everything so simple!! As a native of CO, We have been using them for years and I have no plans to cancel.

    - Katie H.
    "10/10 I highly recommend!"

    Jeremy has been our technician for years and has been amazing to work with. The office staff for scheduling and payments are great to work with as well. Very professional and exceptional customer service.

    - Valerie D.
    "Highly recommend!"

    Friendly, informative technicians, reasonably priced, and easy to schedule. They were able to book my service in less than a week and arrived right on schedule. We have been using this company for our commercial building for over a year and they have alway

    - Jenee K.
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