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Pest Prevention Treatment

Comprehensive Pest Prevention For Your Colorado Springs Property

Pest control offerings designed to combat invasive species 
in Douglas County & Teller County all year long.

Pests are a big problem here in the Colorado Springs area. Some property owners are not dealing with active infestations. If this is the case with you, we highly recommend considering the benefits of natural prevention strategies. These strategies involve steps that home and business owners can take on their own to greatly reduce their chances of finding invasive insects, rodents, and other common pests inside their homes and businesses. To make sure you have everything you need to deter different types of pests in Colorado Springs, here are some tips and tricks to start with.

Safely Store Water & Food: 

Pests need to eat to survive. Storing food away in air-tight containers or inside the refrigerator will help reduce opportunities for pests to find things to eat inside your home or business. Make sure you also store pet food in a way that even the smallest insects cannot gain access to it.

Eliminate Harborage Opportunities:

Eliminate shelters created by pests inside or around your home or business. Before you do this, however, make sure these pests don't pose a threat. For example, you should leave rodent nests alone, as dealing with these pests can lead to harm.

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Everything You Need To Know About Our Pest Control

Now that you have more information about preventing pests on your own let's talk about what you need to deal with active infestations inside your home or business. At High Country Pest Control, we consider a few things before starting treatments, including what pests you are dealing with, what steps are required to address your problem, and the effect of products we need to use. You will need to consider these things as well. If you plan to use chemical-based treatments, keep children and pets away from treated areas. Ingesting these products can result in sickness. If you prefer bait and traps, place them in areas of dense pest activity. For rodents, only use snap traps and bait them with peanut butter to have the highest chance of a catch. Just like with chemical sprays, do not allow children or pets near traps and bait, as this can result in personal injury. With all of this in mind, pest control in Colorado Springs is always best left to a professional. Here are just three reasons to choose professional options over DIY.

  1. Professionals know how to utilize treatments in the least invasive and safest way possible.
  2. Professionals understand different pest problems and what products work best to address each unique pest infestation.
  3. Professionals will inform you through every step of their process so that you understand what you need to deal with problems on your property.

High County Pest Control offers free estimates to help new customers assess our pricing and gauge whether we are an economical option for their pest problems. Let us find a plan that best fits your budget!

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Why Choose High Country Pest Control For Your Pest Prevention And Treatments

At High Country Pest Control, we are committed to 100% customer satisfaction. We do not cut corners, we do not ignore concerns, and we do not waste your time. With over 30 years of dedicated efforts in providing top-tier local home and commercial pest control, you can be sure that we have the experience and training to handle any pest problem you are up against.

Call us today for more information about our detailed inspection, elimination, and prevention services. Let us show you our unmatched pest control commitment.


    High Country Pest Control helped me with a mouse issue in my house. They came out very quickly and set up stations all around my house. When they came back for the follow up, the stations gave me a clear idea of what state my issue was in.

    - Soleil W.
    "We are so impressed!"

    High Country keeps everything so simple!! As a native of CO, We have been using them for years and I have no plans to cancel.

    - Katie H.
    "10/10 I highly recommend!"

    Jeremy has been our technician for years and has been amazing to work with. The office staff for scheduling and payments are great to work with as well. Very professional and exceptional customer service.

    - Valerie D.
    "Highly recommend!"

    Friendly, informative technicians, reasonably priced, and easy to schedule. They were able to book my service in less than a week and arrived right on schedule. We have been using this company for our commercial building for over a year and they have alway

    - Jenee K.
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