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Colorado Cockroach Identification & Prevention

Types of Cockroaches in Colorado

In Colorado, several types of cockroaches can be encountered, each with distinct characteristics and behaviors. The most common species include the German cockroach, Oriental cockroach, and American cockroach.

German cockroaches are small, light brown or tan in color, and are often found indoors in kitchens and bathrooms. They are prolific breeders and can quickly infest homes and businesses if left unchecked.

Oriental cockroaches, also known as water bugs, are larger and darker in color, with a shiny black appearance. They prefer damp, dark environments like basements and crawl spaces and are commonly found near sources of water.

American cockroaches are the largest of the common species in Colorado, reddish-brown in color, and are often referred to as palmetto bugs. They typically inhabit outdoor areas but can enter buildings in search of food and shelter, particularly in warm weather.

Understanding the habits and habitats of these cockroach species is essential for effective pest control measures in Colorado homes and businesses.

What are cockroaches?

Cockroaches are small insects known for their unhygienic and prolific nature. A cockroach infestation tends to start small and often goes unnoticed but then quickly becomes widespread and difficult to remove. And though there are many different types of cockroaches around today, German cockroaches are some of the most challenging to deal with.

German cockroaches are one of the smaller species, typically growing less than an inch in length. They are tan to light brown with two dark stripes running parallel down their backs. This cockroach species does have a pair of wings, but they rarely use the wings to fly.

Cockroach invaders on your property bring serious issues and require professional tactics to eliminate them. German cockroach control is necessary to contain infestations of these troublesome pests.

Are cockroaches dangerous?

Cockroaches are considered dangerous due to the number of bacteria and pathogens they may track into human structures. These insects typically walk through sewers, dumpsters, and other unsavory areas, where they pick up diseases that they spread to humans via their scavenging activities. Illnesses that cockroaches transfer include serious diseases like salmonella, dysentery, and gastroenteritis.

Furthermore, cockroaches frequently trigger allergic reactions with the shed skins, saliva, droppings, and egg cases they leave behind. Respiratory and asthma issues may also be a consequence of a widespread cockroach infestation on your property.

Why do I have a cockroach problem?

Cockroach problems typically occur when your property has many factors that attract these pests on easy display. Access to food, moisture, and easy sheltering spots will encourage cockroaches

Where will I find cockroaches?

Cockroaches most typically hide around piles of debris or waste disposal areas outdoors. Once they invade the interior spaces of your property, you will commonly see them in kitchens, food storage areas, bathrooms, and basements. Any place that provides secluded shelter, easy food access, and excess moisture is a prime cockroach location.

How do I get rid of cockroaches?

Roach pest control is your best option for removing cockroaches from your property. Not only is a professional German cockroach treatment more effective than DIY cockroach control products, but it also takes the stress of figuring out which products to use and applying them yourself off your shoulders. High Country Pest Control is ready to help you with your cockroach removal needs – call us now to get started.

How can I prevent cockroaches in the future?

Prevent future cockroach problems by following our expert tips below to deter infestations of these pests:

  • Remove access to outdoor pet food and ensure compost piles are secured to prevent the aroma from attracting roaches.
  • Utilize trash cans with tight-fitting lids and make sure to seal any trash bags to prevent cockroach scavenging.
  • Clear any outdoor areas of piles of debris or organic waste, such as pet waste and fallen fruit, to take away cockroach food sources and hiding spots.
  • Seal cracks around your property’s windows, doors, and foundation to prevent roaches from slipping inside.
  • Utilize window and door screens and weatherstripping to fully cockroach-proof your interior spaces.
  • Always store leftover food properly and consider using airtight containers in food pantry areas to prevent easy roach scavenging.
  • Clean dirty dishes and food or drink spills immediately to stop the aroma from luring cockroaches inside.

For reliable residential cockroach removal treatments and long-term cockroach control plans that you can count on, contact or call High Country Pest Control at the first signs of cockroach invaders around your property. 

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