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Moles Voles

Mole & Vole Identification & Prevention

Moles And/Or Voles Won’t Leave You Alone? We Can Help.

At High Country Pest Control, we completely understand the frustration that can come with a mole or vole infestation. As a homeowner, you likely take pride and joy in your yard and work hard in order to maintain a clean cut and avoid weeds from growing — and the last thing you want is for a mole or vole colony to come through and make a home in your yard. While they can be cute, it isn’t so cute when they are destroying your yard or garden. If you are experiencing this issue, give us a call today to learn more about our rodent control options, and keep reading to learn more about these pests.

What are the main differences between moles and voles?

  • Moles are meat eaters, while voles are vegetarians.
  • Moles have paddle-shaped feet, while voles do not.
  • Voles look more like a mouse, while moles look like they have no eyes or ears.
  • Moles are easier to identify than voles due to their paddle-shaped feet and long nose.
  • Moles leave behind big mounds of dirt, while voles typically do not.

How do I identify a mole infestation?

Moles, unlike voles, are carnivores that prefer to eat insects such as earthworms and grubs, rather than your garden plants. However, the underground tunnels dug by moles can ruin your lawn or garden and make an easy passageway to your plants for other pests. In motion, moles can actually “swim” underground by using their flippers to part the soil as they go. The tunnels that they dig are deep and usually at least ten inches underground, so a key indicator of a mole infestation is raised mounts from holes that are dug in your yard. Surface tunnels or ridges are also an indication of mole activity.

How do I identify a vole infestation?

When it comes to vole infestations, you will usually know right away due to the shallow, snake-like tunnels that you will see all over your lawn. The tunnels that voles dig are roughly two inches wide and very close to the surface so that they are able to eat foods such as blades of grass. They are also much more active in the early spring, so if you notice these signs, be sure to contact a professional pest control company as soon as possible before they have the chance to ruin your yard or garden.

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If you are unsure if you have a millipede infestation, have any questions, or are in need of pest control services in the Colorado Springs and Castle Rock area, be sure to give us a call at High Country Pest Control today. We would be more than happy to visit your home or business, do a thorough inspection of your property, and provide you with the solution our experienced technicians see as the best fit for your situation, along with a free estimate of what it would cost. Don’t let these pests bug you any longer — call today!

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Quality Is Our Commitment

When you need pest control for your home or business, you can count on High Country Pest Control to deliver the quality services you need. We use effective and environmentally friendly methods that are tough on pests and safe for your family. No matter what pest problem you find yourself dealing with, High Country Pest Control will take care of it quickly and with excellence. High Country Pest Control is the company to contact for quality pest control delivered with pride. Call us now!

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    High Country Pest Control helped me with a mouse issue in my house. They came out very quickly and set up stations all around my house. When they came back for the follow up, the stations gave me a clear idea of what state my issue was in.

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