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The Most Effective Pigeon Control Solution For Colorado Springs Properties

3 pigeons of varying colors sitting on a ledge

You can find many birds in Colorado Springs. In fact, each year, several thousand people travel from all over the country to visit Red Canyon Park just to see the various birds and wildlife this area has. While birds are fun to watch, they can be quite a nuisance to have them close to your home. Pigeons can be some of the worst and most destructive types of birds to have around. 

At High Country Pest Control, we see a lot of homes that sustain damage from pigeons. Our Colorado Springs pest control specialists know just what to do to keep your home and your family safe from these bothersome birds. 

How To Identify The Domestic Pigeon

Rock pigeons are the most common type of pigeon found in Colorado Springs. These pigeons are almost exclusively found in residential and urban areas. If you see a group of pigeons at the park that is looking for breadcrumbs around a park bench, there is a good chance that you are seeing rock pigeons.

These common pigeons have plump, robust bodies and small heads. Typically, their heads are grayish-blue, but they can also have green or plumb-colored feathers around their head and neck. Their bodies are usually gray and have dark black or navy blue bands around their tails and wings. 

Why Pigeons Are Considered So Problematic

Pigeons are social birds that like to live and travel in groups. It is unusual to see just one pigeon hanging around your home. While pigeons may seem harmless, if you have several leaving droppings on your home, standing on your gutter system, or building nests in the vents of your house, your home could sustain substantial damage over time. 

Pigeon droppings are a real danger to have around your home. These droppings are extremely acidic and will cause damage to paint and wooden structures. Pigeon droppings are also likely to carry a wide range of diseases, which could include encephalitis, histoplasmosis, and psittacosis. If you leave pigeon droppings lying around your home, it could attract more pigeons. However, if you don't know how to safely clean up the droppings, you could end up catching a dangerous disease. This is why it is recommended that you call a professional pigeon control specialist when you first notice pigeons hanging around your property. 

Factors That Attract Pigeons To Properties

The pigeons that you are most likely to see around your home are not great hunters. Instead, they prefer for their food to be given to them. This is the reason why they are so popular around park benches, pavillions, and other areas that are likely to have a lot of people eating outdoors. 

Some of the things that may be attracting pigeons to your home include:

  • Leaving the lid off of your outdoor garbage cans
  • Having your pet's food and water dishes outside
  • Placing bird feeders and bird baths in your yard

If you have a viable food and water source around your home, pigeons are more likely to hang around. They will also nest in or around your home if they can find a safe place that isn't likely to be bothered by humans or other animals. 

The Most Effective Pigeon Control For Colorado Springs Properties

The fastest and safest way to eliminate pigeons and their various diseases from your Colorado Springs property is to give us a call today. At High Country Pest Control, we know the right way to safely remove these troublesome birds from your property. Keep your home family safe from pest birds with help from our service professionals.