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Eliminate Fleas For Good: Effective Control Methods For Homes In Colorado Springs

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Have you ever experienced an intensely maddening itch that seems to extend far beyond your skin? That’s the feeling that fleas so graciously give to their animal, and, sometimes, human hosts, making every moment uncomfortable. These tiny parasites rapidly multiply after they invade your living spaces. As they feast on the blood of your pets or even you, their bites cause extreme itchiness and potential allergic reactions. The incessant scratching, coupled with the constant worry about the health consequences, can become mentally and emotionally exhausting.

Fortunately, our resourceful team at High Country Pest Control is here to help you swiftly regain your comfort and peace using the most advanced flea control in Colorado Springs. The longer they’re around, the more challenging it is to wipe them out, which is why we act with a sense of urgency. Read further to learn more about fleas and how specialists can make these pests a thing of the past.

The Flea Life Cycle: Understanding Their Stages 

The flea life cycle consists of four distinct phases: egg, larva, pupa, and adult. The first stage commences when an adult female flea lays small, oval-shaped eggs on a host animal, which then fall off into the environment below. Depending on the temperature, humidity, and other factors, it takes between one to ten days for the eggs to hatch. Once they do, worm-like larvae emerge, which primarily feed on flea feces or other organic material.

After going through several molts, the larvae spin a cocoon that will protect them during one of the most transformative phases, the pupal stage. During this period, they can remain in the protective casing until conditions are favorable for them to emerge as fully developed adult fleas. Once they leave the cocoon, they immediately seek a host to feed on to continue the cycle, which starts with laying eggs. The entire process can take as little as several weeks to up to a few months, contingent on the environmental conditions at the time.

For information regarding the best way to get rid of fleas at any stage of their life cycle, reach out to your local pest management company.

The Hidden Dangers Of Fleas: Understanding The Hazards

Fleas are tiny, blood-consuming external parasites that can create a number of health hazards if they end up on your property. Their bites can be painful and result in intense itchiness and irritation. Their hosts may also experience potential allergic reactions that compound the problem. These critters are known to spread a multitude of illnesses, such as bartonellosis, tapeworms, and murine typhus, just to name a few.

If fleas infest your pets, they can make them anemic due to the excessive blood loss. Additionally, a flea infestation can lead to behavioral changes in pets, making them agitated and restless. In humans, the relentless itching and discomfort can disrupt your sleep and affect your psychological well-being. So, to prevent these issues, give our team at High Country Pest Control a call so we can devise an effective elimination strategy for you.

Effective Flea Prevention: Tips For A Flea-Free Home

When you finally get rid of fleas, the last thing you want is to experience another infestation. To help you do this, check out these effective flea prevention measures:

  • Vacuum your upholstery, rugs, and carpets often.

  • Wash your pet's bedding, toys, and collars frequently.

  • Give your pets flea baths regularly.

  • Use veterinarian-prescribed flea preventatives for your pet.

  • Cut your lawn low and remove yard debris.


Also, plug any entry points that could allow fleas to enter your home, like cracks in doors and windows. Consult with reputable pest experts for more tips to keep fleas at bay.

Total Flea Elimination: Call The Pros Right Away!

For a high-quality flea removal service, trust our High Country Pest Control professionals. Since 1987, we've provided exceptional pest management solutions to our community with results that continuously keep households safe, comfortable, and healthy. Call us now so we can provide you with your free estimate over the phone.