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Our Colorado Springs Spider Control Services

spider crawling on someone's arm

Many people have a real fear of spiders in Colorado, which is known as arachnophobia. Spiders are considered pests, but they are different from other types of pests in that they do offer some benefits. High Country Pest Control offers spider control services in Douglas and El Paso Counties. Learn more about our spider control services, and call for a free estimate today!

Most Spiders Are Harmless

Most spiders that you will find in your home are house spiders, which is a certain type of spider that specializes in living in indoor environments. Most spiders, including the house spider, are harmless; that being said, here in Colorado, you do have to watch out for black widow and brown recluse spiders, which are extremely poisonous.

Watch For Spider Hatchlings

Spiders lay hundreds of eggs in an egg sac. When these hatch in the spring, your home can be overrun with spiders. In this instance, it’s time to call for pest control services.

Be Wary Of Spider Entry Points

Spiders are extremely small creatures and can shrink their bodies to fit into tiny spaces. Common entry points for spiders include screens in windows, vents, and unsealed cracks in doorways, as well as crevices.

Clean Up Around Your Home

Spiders love to be left alone, which is why they like unused piles of wood and other items around your home to live in. These places tend to attract black widows and brown recluses, too. Remove these items in order to eliminate spiders and help prevent them from entering your Colorado Springs home.

Partner With High County Pest Control Today

Our local pest control company is proud to offer the best residential and commercial pest control services, including spider control services. Call for a free estimate in Douglas or El Paso Counties today!