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What To Do About A Cockroach Infestation In Your Colorado Springs Home

cockroach creeping around a corner

Cockroaches are very resilient creatures that have existed throughout most of history. As opportunistic omnivores, cockroaches often enter homes and businesses where food is prepared, stored, or consumed and begin proliferating. As a result, what starts as a minor problem with a few cockroaches often quickly worsens into a full-blown infestation.

Are you wondering how to get rid of cockroaches for good? Those dealing with a cockroach infestation should respond quickly to the presence of these pests by consulting with a pest management professional. A Colorado Springs pest control company knows what gets rid of cockroaches and the best ways of preventing future intrusions.

Habits And Behaviors Of Common Cockroaches

Cockroaches are largely nocturnal creatures that remain hidden inside walls or behind or below furniture or appliances during the day. After dark, these pests will emerge and begin searching for food, commonly in kitchen areas, as cockroaches will consume most foods that humans eat.

Although many species have wings, cockroaches are generally poor fliers. Yet, people often underestimate the speed and elusiveness that these pests demonstrate moving on foot. Cockroaches in Colorado Springs are strong breeders, and females create small sacs filled with multiple eggs called ootheca.

Cockroaches In The Home Is A Major Health Hazard

Cockroaches rarely bite and are generally fearful of humans; however, they pose some health risks. What diseases do cockroaches carry? Cockroaches regularly travel through garbage and other filthy conditions and have exposure to harmful parasites. Cockroaches are associated with dysentery, cholera, typhoid fever, and many other dangerous health-related problems.

How To Identify And Remove Factors That Attract Cockroaches

Why are there cockroaches in my house? As with the majority of household pests, cockroaches are primarily found in homes where they have access to ample food supplies. Removing these conditions is critical for preventing them:

  • Keep all trash bags containing food scraps inside durable, sealed garbage receptacles that will prevent access.
  • Regularly sweep kitchen floors and keep counters and sink basins clean.
  • Transfer weakly packaged dried foods into durable, hard plastic or glass containers before storing them in cupboards and pantries.
  • Never leave bowls of uneaten pet food out overnight.

While limiting access to sources of food is critical for preventing cockroaches, property owners in Colorado Springs should also perform regular property maintenance and implement exclusionary measures to limit points of indoor entry.  

Call The Experts For Total Cockroach Control For Your Home

How to get rid of cockroaches in your house? Too many local property owners try taking matters into their own hands by purchasing home cockroach control products from local retailers. The makers and sellers of these aerosol sprays, baiting systems, sticky traps, and other options make exaggerated claims about the effectiveness of their products. In reality, most of these do-it-yourself treatment options prove insufficient against larger cockroach infestations and might contain harsh chemicals. Choosing to contact a cockroach control professional in Colorado Springs regarding an inspection is usually the best course of action.  

At High Country Pest Control, we have many years of experience delivering results for homeowners in this region struggling with expanding cockroach infestations. Our qualified staff receives training regarding the behavior of types of cockroaches that infiltrate homes in Colorado Springs and understands the best treatment options for these potentially harmful creatures.

As a truly comprehensive service provider within the pest control industry, we assist local residents facing difficulties involving ants, bed bugs, rodents, and a host of other problematic and dangerous pests. Our customers also appreciate our enduring commitment to providing the highest-quality customer service and how we stand behind our work with a satisfaction guarantee.

For a consultation with one of our friendly professionals, contact us today.