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The Complete Ant Control Guide For Colorado Springs Homeowners

ants all over a big crumb of food

There is no denying that ants are frustrating. These tiny insects can take over living areas to find food, and they don't go away on their own. Trying to find ways to manage these pests can be difficult. Today's article has what you should know about ant pest control in Colorado Springs and how to protect your home through every season. Contact High Country Pest Control now if you don't want to read this blog but would rather have an immediate answer to your ant pest problems. We will provide some options for ant control and find a service that best fits your Colorado Springs home.

The Role Ants Play In Our Ecosystem

Ants in Colorado Springs are not always pests. These little insects play a significant role in our ecosystem. They turn over the soil while building their nests. This helps with aeration and provides excellent benefits for growing plants and nutrient and moisture absorption. Ants are also helpful with the way they disperse seeds while searching for and scavenging food. What isn't helpful is when these pests trail through local homes. This is the type of behavior we do not want from ants and is one reason why pest control exists. 

The Issues Ant Infestations Create In Homes

There are many issues that are directly associated with ants. The biggest and most obvious problem is that these pests are annoying. They freely crawl through homes, contaminate food sources, and are an all-around eye sore. Two species that live in our area that are more than just annoying are Pharaoh ants and carpenter ants. Pharaoh ants like to crawl through trash and can carry and spread disease-causing bacteria that can get residents sick. Two diseases you might contract from these pests are salmonellosis and staphylococcus. Carpenter ants build their homes into the structural wood of homes. As nests grow, so does damage to interior structures. Now, carpenter ants will not destroy your home in a week. It takes over a year for damage to become noticeable. Keeping this in mind, seek professional help if you notice pin-sized holes in your home's wood or piles of sawdust on the floor.

All The Factors That Attract Ants To Homes

Before we discuss your options for ant pest control in Colorado Springs, let's talk about why these pests break into homes in the first place. Most ants are motivated solely by food. They send scouts into local structures to look for scraps and leftovers. If a scout finds food, it will return to its colony, creating a pheromone trail for other workers to follow indoors. Some types of ants invade homes to build a nest. Carpenter ants do this inside structural wood, while other species build their nests inside wall voids and crawl spaces. Being this close allows ants easier access to living areas to stay well-fed during stormy, cold, or hot weather.

The Key To Total Ant Control For Your Home

The absolute best way to combat ants in Colorado Springs involves hiring our team of dedicated professionals. High Country Pest Control is qualified to handle all of your pest-related problems. We will identify the severity of infestations inside and around your home and offer short and long-term options to combat problematic local species. Our general pest control plans are more than effective in handling most ants that want to invade your home. Talk to one of our friendly service professionals for more direct information about our ant control.

Call High Country Pest Control for a free over-the-phone estimate, learn how to get rid of ants in Colorado Springs, or if you have questions about our effective home pest control methods for ants.