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Hire A Pest Exterminator For One-Time Or Regular Maintenance

If you have a pest infestation, you may think you’ll be able to take care of it yourself with a few mouse traps or bug bombs from the store. This may not be the best approach, though. At High Country Pest Control in Colorado Springs, CO, we have a trained and experienced team of pest exterminators that can identify and treat for a variety of pests. 

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Choose High Country Pest Control For Your Pest Exterminators And Receive:

  • Specialized pest control for the interior and exterior of your home or office.
  • Treatments tailored to the specific types of pests you have issues with.
  • A maintenance plan that works well for you and your budget.
  • A commitment to 100% satisfaction.

When it comes to keeping your property and family or employees safe, pest infestations can present a serious threat. Though there are pest control treatments you can administer yourself, they may not be the best option for you. 

Pest exterminators are trained on how and where to use different pesticides. They have a better understanding of different types of pests, how to identify them, and how to locate where they’re entering your home or office. 

If you live in the Colorado Springs area and are experiencing a pest infestation, contact High Country Pest Control for a free estimate. We have a trained and experienced team of pest exterminators who can help treat and eliminate pests around your home.

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    "I highly recommend them!"

    We have continued to use High Country Pest Control for the last two years and have continued to be very pleased with their service and the results! They are always timely, friendly, helpful and are knowledgeable about their craft.

    - Kristen B.
    "Excellent service from High Country."

    We had been struggling with a bed bug issue that we inherited from the last slumlord apartment that we lived in. High Country came in, did a very thorough inspection, and applied really good product.

    - Jim C.
    "Would highly recommend them!"

    We had High Country Pest Control come out for 2 treatments. With all of this rain we have seen an uptick in ants and bugs around. We just had the second one done and James was great. Very friendly and helpful the whole time, explaining the process as he we

    - Shane F.
    "Jeremy is awesome."

    Remembered me from last year. If I had continued with monthly service I wouldn't be terrorized by a full on mouse invasion. Highly recommend their services.

    - Celia C.

Identifying The Problem

If you’ve attempted to treat for pests already and the infestation is recurring, it could be that you haven’t identified the source of the problem. Pests are attracted to food, water, and shelter where they can hide and breed. 

Pest exterminators look for causes of pest infestations on top of what type of pests you have. Nests, egg batches, garbage, plants, soil, pet food, collected water, and areas within your walls could all be sources of pests. Eliminating these sources on top of pest control treatment will help prevent future outbreaks.

Timely Service

If you’re trying to treat pests yourself, you could be spending a lot of time researching pests and looking for the best pest control options available in-store. Then you’ll be spending time prepping your home or office to place these traps, baits, or bombs. This can be a serious hassle and even a waste of time if you have to set more traps or baits in the future.

When you hire a pest exterminator, though, you’re ensuring that the pest control treatment is tailored to your needs. Pest exterminators have access to pesticides that aren’t often available to the public and can use these treatments to quickly eliminate pests.

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More Cost Effective

If you’re having to spend more time on pest control when you handle it yourself, you’re probably spending more money too. Pest control treatments available in the store are not going to work as well as treatments that trained pest exterminators use. 

You’ll spend more money purchasing new traps and baits than you would if you hired a pest exterminator to take care of the problem once. The initial cost may seem expensive, but remember that it’s the most effective treatment and pest exterminators will help identify and eliminate the cause of the infestation as well. It’s an investment that’s well worth the cost.

Prevent Damage & Disease

If you’re continually treating a pest infestation yourself, chances are that you’re missing the source of the problem. This puts your property at risk for damage — and you, your family, or your employees at risk for disease. 

Pests can cause damage to your property and your belongings. They can destroy carpets, clothing, floors, foundations, furniture, rugs, and walls. Don’t risk this high cost of damage by trying to save money on pest control. A pest exterminator can treat the problem and prevent this type of damage.

The health and safety of your family or employees is another thing to consider. Many pests and rodents carry diseases like Hantavirus. If anyone is exposed to places where pests have been, they are at risk of getting sick. You’re also at risk if you’re placing traps regularly. Pest exterminators, however, are trained to take precautions to avoid being infected or allowing others to get sick.

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