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How To Bug Proof Your Home Like A Pro

ant colony crawling across a foot path

With spring just around the corner, it is important to take some time getting ready for all of the changes that come with it — including pest preparations. With the warmer temperatures comes the insects and critters that can often find their way into your home, and by taking the proper precautions, you can avoid your chances of needing extensive pest control services.

Read on to learn about how you can bug-proof your home like a pro this spring and contact High Country Pest Control in Castle Rock today with any questions.

Prepare Doors & Windows

One of the easiest places to overlook that is often the number one cause of flying and crawling pest invasion are doors and windows.

In order to prevent any issues with pests, make sure to take a good look at all of your windows and doors before spring arrives. Do they close all the way? Are there any noticeable cracks on the sides or underneath? Believe it or not, even a mere half an inch can allow critters to sneak in, which is why it is important to take a close look.

If you do notice some space to the outside, bottom door seals are an affordable option that will not only help to keep bugs out but will also eliminate drafts in the home.

You will also want to take a close look at any window screens and screen doors in order to make sure that there aren’t any holes. Replacement screens are typically inexpensive and easy to install, so run your fingers over the entirety of your screens in order to get a better idea of the structural integrity of your window.

Store Firewood Away From The Home

While it may seem fine since it is still outdoors, a stack of firewood is a haven for every sort of bug including termites, spiders, ants, and more. This is why leaving firewood stacked up close to your home is just asking them to eventually make their way indoors, and even if they stay outside, they will eventually end up eating at the lining of your home and crawling through the foundation.

The easiest way to prevent this is to simply move the pile of firewood away from the home, preferably closer to the lining of your woods or fence if you have a backyard. A good rule of thumb is to keep the wood at least five feet away from the house and off the ground if possible.

Clean Up Your Yard

Along with moving your firewood away from your home, you will also want to tidy up your yard space in order to keep unwanted pests at bay. While there is no way to get rid of bugs and other critters from your yard entirely (which you wouldn’t want to do anyway for ecological reasons), you can limit the amount of them by removing any fallen tree limbs, leaves, grass clippings, shrubs, and any other paraphernalia from your yard. These items, similar to firewood, are great spots for pests to hang out and make homes out of, making this step crucial if you are looking to prevent pests in your home.

Keep Your Home Dry

While this one may seem like common sense, we are mostly talking about the areas of your home that you don’t typically see on a regular basis that could be experiencing water damage without you even noticing. Not only is water damage expensive and frustrating to deal with on its own, but it also becomes a stomping ground for pests as many of them thrive from moisture.

To prevent this, take a good look at every inch of your home where pipes are installed in order to ensure that none of them are leaking. This is especially important if you live in an older home as pipes are more likely to crack and leak from old age.

You will also want to check the caulk around bathtubs and showers to make sure that there are no leaks, and if there are, you will want to take the necessary steps to fix it before you end up paying more in water damages and extensive pest control services.

Keep Your Kitchen Tidy

There are few ways to lose your appetite quicker than to walk into your kitchen and see a line of ants walking across your countertops. And while sealing up holes and cracks that lead outdoors is the best preventative measure to keep pests from getting in in the first place, keeping a clean kitchen will also help keep them from wanting to come into your home.

This doesn’t mean that you need to do a deep cleaning of your kitchen every day — just be sure to put away any food item as soon as possible from the counters or dispose of any unwanted food items in your sealed garbage can to prevent pests from hunting down their next meal in your home.

Contact Your Local Pest Control Company For Preventative Maintenance

The best way to prevent pests from entering your business or home is to contact your local pest control company for preventative maintenance services. Depending on where you are located and the issues you are experiencing, at High Country Pest Control, we can provide you with a maintenance package that suits both your needs and your budget. We offer quarterly, bi-monthly, monthly, and one-time pest preventative maintenance services to those in Colorado Springs, Castle Rock, Denver, and across the Front Range.

Whether you are experiencing an issue with ants, spiders, mice, or any other type of pest, our skilled and highly experienced team of pest control technicians will go the extra mile to ensure that your space is protected from the inside out. If you have any questions, would like to learn more about our team, or would like a free estimate for our home pest control services, be sure to give us a call or fill out the form below today and one of our friendly office members will get back to you as soon as possible!