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How Wasps Build Their Nests And Why Removal Is A Must

big wasp nest in the peak of a roof's eve

While wasps may not be on the top of your list for fascinating creatures, they truly have an interesting life cycle and are magnificent architects. Have you ever had a wasp nest near your home or in pictures and wondered how they created such an intricate place to call home? We will be going over the process in today’s post, and if you are in need of wasp nest removal in the Castle Rock area, give our pest control pros a call at High Country Pest Control today.

How Wasp Nests Are Made

During the wintertime, all wasps in Castle Rock die off except for the fertile female wasps that are destined to become queens. These wasps will conceal themselves in hidden places like underneath tree barks or within the crevices of buildings until spring arrives. Then, these queens will emerge and begin looking for nest sites where a group of queens will work together until the most dominant queen subjugates the others into working roles.

Once a nest site is found, wasps will find weathered wood from places like logs, garden furniture, or old fences and chew this fiber into a paste-like pulp that is mixed with their saliva. The wasps then form this pulp into hexagon-shaped cells to hold their eggs. At first, these workers only make enough cells that they need to hold their eggs, but eventually, the nest will contain around 200 cells. So, if you see a small wasp nest in spring or early summer and think it may be harmless, just know that as the summer progresses that small nest will grow rapidly in size and can become bigger than the size of a basketball.

When a queen lays her eggs, they hatch within two to three days. Once they do, the queen will then feed her larvae with insects that she has chewed up for them as they mature inside of their own cells. Then, after about 12 to 18 days of this, the larvae encase themselves inside of their cells by spinning silk. After about 12 more days, these wasps will come out fully grown and help to evolve the nest even further.

Why Wasp Nests Should Be Removed

While wasps may not be directly impacting you if their nest is located on your fence or in a tree, as the nest continues to grow throughout the summer, they begin to pose a bigger risk on you and your family. Not only will you have more nuisance wasps flying around your yard, but you are also greatly increasing you and your family’s chances of getting stung by these protective creatures.

Call Your Broncos Business Pick Pest Control Professionals In Castle Rock

For quick and environmentally friendly pest control services including wasp nest removal in the Castle Rock area, be sure to give our team a call at High Country Pest Control today. We are committed to ensuring that our Castle Rock clients are 100 percent satisfied with our pest control services, and have earned an outstanding reputation for safe, effective, and environmentally friendly home pest control services. We look forward to assisting you and providing professional services that are personalized to the problems you are experiencing.