Safe and Effective Bed Bug Treatments

At High Country Pest Control, we don’t cut any corners when it comes to getting bed bugs out of your home or business. Our treatment schedule is designed to make sure that your infestation is completely resolved. Don’t take any chances. Go with the local bed bug exterminator you can trust — contact us today for your free estimate!

Why Choose High Country Pest Control?

  • Thorough Treatment Process to Ensure Your Infestation Is Resolved
  • The Latest in Bed Bug Exterminator Technology 
  • Environmentally Friendly — Our Treatments Are Quick, Safe, and Effective.
  • A Business You Can Trust — We Are a Broncos Business Pick Company
  • Convenient Service — You Don’t Need to Vacate Your Home
  • We Stand by Our Treatments With Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee 
  • Support Colorado Business — We Have Been Locally Owned and Operated Since 1987

Bed Bug Exterminator Services

Bed bug infestations are no laughing matter. Once these elusive pests make it into your home, they hide in beds and other furniture and feed on you while you’re asleep — leaving red marks and itchy welts on your skin. Bed bugs are resilient — they can survive up to six months without eating a blood meal, and they can withstand temperatures from nearly-freezing to 122 degrees Fahrenheit. They also multiply at an astonishing rate, laying one to five eggs every day. If these creatures have infiltrated your home, it’s time to act quickly. You need a bed bug exterminator that you can trust — contact High Country Pest control to set up your free consultation! 

Our Bed Bug Treatments 

To resolve your bed bug infestation, we apply two treatments to the affected areas in your home. The first consists of residual materials that are designed to kill bed bugs on contact, and the second is an insect growth regulator that prevents adults from reproducing. All of our materials are EPA-approved, so you can rest easy knowing that we will always leave your home safer than we found it. Treatments vary depending on the size of your infestation, but most cases consist of one initial treatment, two follow-up treatments every 15 days, and a minimum of six monthly treatments. This treatment schedule ensures that your infestation is completely resolved. 

How to prepare for your treatment

Preparation is essential for effective treatment. Here is what you should do to prepare your living space for your bed bug exterminator:

  • The heat of your dryer can kill any bed bugs or eggs that have found their way into your clothes. Run your clothes in the dryer for at least 45 minutes. 
  • Remove all of your sheets and bedding and lean your mattress and box spring against one wall.
  • All items in your closet, dresser, nightstand, etc. should be removed and placed into plastic bags.
  • These plastic bags should be stored somewhere away from your living areas so that they don’t get in the way during treatment.   

Following these preparation steps will allow your bed bug exterminator to effectively treat your infestation. 

We Are Now Offering Steam Treatments for Bed Bugs

High Country Pest Control is now the only bed bug exterminator in the Colorado Springs area offering cutting-edge, steam treatment solutions. Steam treatment ensures that the pests and their eggs are taken care of, regardless of where they are hiding. If you have had recurring issues with bed bugs in your home, it could be because some of them have developed a resistance to treatment chemicals. Steam treatment works by bringing the affected area to a lethal temperature that bed bugs cannot survive. 

Unlike traditional bed bug treatments, steam solutions are chemical-free and do not require direct contact with the pests. The exterminator just needs to apply the steam and heat to the infested areas and let the lethal temperatures do the rest!

Please keep in mind that steamers for clothes or carpets do not work, so don’t try this yourself! Brining the area to the right temperature is key, as too low of a temperature won’t kill the bed bugs, and too high of a temperature will cause damage to surfaces and furniture. Steam treatments should always be done by a professional — contact High Country Pest Control to schedule a free consultation!

At High Country Pest Control, all of our services are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. With over 30 years providing high quality, customer-focused, pest control services to Colorado Springs and the surrounding areas, we are here to serve you — contact us today for your free consultation!