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How Bed Bugs Spread — And How To Prevent It

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Did you know that one single female bed bug in your home can reinfest with over 300 adults and 1,000 new eggs in just three months?

This is why it is so crucial to make sure that bed bugs are taken care of as soon as you spot them or notice signs that they may be in your home. While bed bugs aren’t necessarily harmful, their bites can lead to itchy skin, rashes, infection, and other allergic reactions — and they can end up leaving stains on your furniture and wherever else they travel.

In today’s entry, we will be going over how bed bugs spread in order to help you decrease your chances of having to deal with these pesky invaders for yourself, and if you have found yourself with bed bugs, give our friendly and experienced team of insect pest control specialists a call at High Country Pest Control today!

Where Bed Bugs Thrive

As long as bed bugs have access to a food source, they can thrive anywhere. This is what makes beds, couches, and other household furniture the perfect location for them as they are warm and provide them with access to a blood meal.

How They Spread From Room To Room

Every day, a single bed bug can lay between 1–12 eggs and 200–500 eggs during their lifetime. Now that you know how fast they can multiply and spread, it’s easy to see how fast a simple bed bug coming into your home can turn into a full-blown infestation. It doesn’t take long for a bed bug problem to get out of control, so the sooner that you hire pest control professionals to help you remove them once and for all, the better off you will be.

While bed bugs like hanging out on furniture, clothing, and other household items, they can move throughout the house in search of other hosts and will breed wherever conditions are favorable to them.

How They Spread From House To House

Bed bugs are great hitchhikers, making hotels, airplanes, cruise ships, and public transportation the perfect place to pick up these unwanted pests. Because bed bugs don’t fly, they move from one site to another by traveling via clothing, luggage, bedding, boxes, furniture, etc.

How To Prevent Bed Bugs From Spreading

The best way to prevent bed bugs from spreading in your home or to other households is to regularly inspect for signs of infestation. This way, if you do come across these pests, you can get them taken care of early. Other ways you can help to stop the spread of bed bugs include:

  • Inspecting your bed/sleeping area while traveling
  • Using a bag stand in hotels rather than putting your luggage on the floor or bed
  • Keeping your bedroom clear of clutter where bed bugs like to hide (especially clothing)
  • Vacuuming your home regularly
  • Inspecting your luggage and clothing before leaving to go home when traveling

If you notice any signs of bed bugs in your home — don’t fret, but don’t wait — contact High Country Pest Control today for comprehensive bed bug control services to take your home back from these unwanted visitors and prevent them from spreading further. We are located in Colorado Springs and proudly serve Castle Rock, Denver, and the Front Range.