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Stop Silverfish In Their Tracks: Top Techniques For Control For Colorado Springs Homes

silverfish in a glass

When you walk through your home, do you see pests crawling around? Sometimes, it is hard to tell when there are bugs or other invasive creatures present indoors. This is often the case with silverfish. These little insects like to stay out of sight.

To help you identify and deal with silverfish inside your Colorado Springs home, here are some things you should think about today. Call our team at High Country Pest Control if you would like to know how we handle these or other local pests. Let our team offer some options for silverfish pest control in Colorado Springs to handle these bugs around your living areas.

Unveiling The Silverfish: A Close Look At These Pests

Have you ever seen a silverfish bug up close? This insect is tiny, about ¾” long when fully grown. It has a silver-to-brown body, two long antennae, and three bristle-like tails. As you might assume, this little bug resembles a small silver fish.

One thing that makes silverfish hard to identify is their lighter coloration. When these pests crawl over light-colored furniture, carpets, and drapes, they are practically invisible. Oftentimes, people do not notice that these bugs are around until they have caused extensive damage to fabrics indoors. Speaking of damage, here is exactly what you can expect from having these pests indoors. 

The Hidden Risks: Why You Should Worry About Silverfish

Silverfish are not dangerous pests. They do not bite humans and are not known to spread any form of harmful diseases. These little bugs do, however, love to nibble on fabrics and paper. These things contain starches, starches that these silverfish love to eat. These bugs also consume normal human food. This, of course, is not where problems lie.

The longer you live with a silverfish infestation, the more likely you will be to notice surface etching in carpets, holes in your clothing, and damage to books and other paper-based items indoors. We would like to help you avoid this. Here are some things you should know about silverfish prevention to keep these pests at bay. 

Creating A Silverfish-Proof Home: Essential Prevention Steps

Are you looking for a way to keep silverfish out of your home? You do not need elaborate silverfish traps. What you need is some form of preventative measures. Here are some DIY tips and tricks to start with.

  • Identify gaps, holes, and cracks in your home’s exterior foundation. Seal these up using some liquid cement or silicone caulk.

  • Address damage to windows and doors, and make sure you seal them properly with things like weatherstripping and door sweeps.

  • Clean up messes when they happen inside your home, and do your best to keep your living areas clean and tidy.

  • Fix leaky piping and address other moisture problems indoors. 

If you are interested in professional silverfish control or long-term prevention, we have offerings for you at High Country Pest Control. 

Professional Silverfish Control: The Benefits Of Expertise

Dealing with silverfish inside your home can be a big challenge. To get rid of these pests and make sure they do not come back, talk with our team at High Country Pest Control. We are a local pest control provider that puts our clients first.

There is a reason why so many people trust us with their silverfish control needs. To join our family, talk with one of our team members. Call High Country Pest Control today to find out more about our services and find out why we are the premier silverfish exterminator near you.