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While ants are not generally seen as destructive pests by many homeowners, they can cause many issues depending on the species taking over your property. Ants are essential to the Colorado Springs ecosystem and are pretty beneficial outdoors. These social creatures dig many tunnels underground, aerating the soil and improving water retention. They also help with decomposition as they consume dead plant and animal matter. And finally, they are a vital part of the seed dispersal process, which helps plants thrive. If ants were to disappear, many species would be affected, disrupting the ecological balance. However, you do not want these tiny invaders inside your house, as they can spread pathogens, cause significant property damage, and cause allergic reactions. If you are dealing with an ant infestation, it's time to learn about the common species of home-invading ants like the odorous house ant, understand the problems they can cause in your house, and five of the most effective tips to prevent future ant infestations year-round. A quality pest control company can help you determine the most effective way to get rid of ants safely. High Country Pest Control provides pest control in Colorado Springs that you can rely on to eliminate them for good with effective treatments and prevention strategies.

Common Species Of Home-Invading Ants

Ants are a prevalent pest, with more than 12,000 species worldwide. These relatives of bees and wasps live in highly hierarchical groups divided into soldiers, workers, and queens. There are three common ant species in Colorado Springs that you want to look out for:

Odorous House Ants

Odorous house ants are the most common type in Colorado Springs homes. These brown to black ants readily invade food supplies, spread pathogens, and emit a strong and off-putting scent when crushed. Their colonies contain several queens, making them more challenging to exterminate than others. Their favorite food source is the sweet and sticky secretion produced by some aphids, but they will go for human food sources if needed. Odorous house ants are tiny, typically under an eighth of an inch, and are not known to bite. They prefer warm and high-in-humidity areas, and you might find them in kitchens, bathrooms, and house plants. You need to reach the queen to get rid of the entire colony. You can count on High Country Pest Control for effective ant control solutions. 

Pavement Ants

Pavement ants are mostly found outdoors but can invade homes in search of food and shelter. If you see ants under rocks or walking alongside sidewalks, they are probably pavement ants. Like odorous house ants, they tend to be brown to black and favor humid environments. They will readily invade nuts, bread, honey, and other sweets, and like many other pests, they can contaminate them with pathogens. While these ants can sting, they are not known to be aggressive. Ask us about outdoor ant control to get rid of them safely.

Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants are dangerous ants that find shelter inside walls and structures where they will break down wood to create galleries and start nests. Like the other ants above, they have six legs, long antennae, and compound eyes. Unlike termites, they can't digest cellulose, but they can cause significant damage while going unnoticed. Unlike the other two types of ants above, carpenter ants can get aggressive when threatened. Do not try to get rid of them on your own; reach out to High Country Pest Control.

Some insects look like ants, including termites and velvet ants. If you have seen these common species of house-invading ants, read on to learn about the problems they can cause in your house. To determine what types of pests you are dealing with, Call High Country Pest Control.

The Problems Ants Can Cause In Your House

Fortunately, it is unlikely that aggressive ants like fire ants will invade homes in the area as they are rare. But Colorado Springs homes can still have problematic ant infestations, mainly causing dangerous pathogens to spread through the house. Some odorous house ants carry diseases, including Salmonella, E. coli, Shigella, and other bacteria that can lead to food poisoning. Because they are so small and resourceful, it isn't difficult for ants to invade pantries and food supplies. If you find ants have taken over that stored food, it is best to get rid of it to avoid making your household sick. Odorous house ants are known for releasing an offensive smell when crushed; the smell is that of rotten coconut. This is not a scent you want to have around your home, especially not in kitchens where you can find more significant numbers of ants. And finally, odorous house ants can cause allergic reactions. Pavement ants are mostly a problem indoors. However, they can also make their way into your house, looking for food sources like sugar, honey, cookies, and other high-carbohydrate foods. Carpenter ants are less common in the area, but you might still have an infestation. Carpenter ants will settle inside your home, actively breaking down wooden beams and cellulose-containing structures to create complex galleries that allow them to reach food sources and other parts of the colony. They can cause damage similar to termites and be challenging to eliminate.

The Most Effective Way To Get Rid Of Ants In Your House

The most effective way to get rid of ants in your house is to work with a home pest control company in Colorado Springs that knows about the local pests affecting homes. At High Country Pest Control, we have close to a decade of experience providing pest control services in Colorado Springs, are one of the top-rated woman-owned companies in the area, and are QualityPro, and GreenPro certified. Our team of highly trained experts strives to be environmentally responsible, solution-oriented, and always mindful of your unique needs and concerns. Contact High Country Pest Control to get started.

We will schedule a home inspection to determine how ants are getting on your property and what keeps them thriving. We will work with you to devise a treatment plan that is safe and effective and include prevention strategies to ensure your ant problem is taken care of for good. Our ant control services follow a three-step process: a thorough inspection of your property, including garage, deck, under appliances, and crawl spaces. Treatments may include sealing off cracks, placing insect monitors, applying deterrents and gel baits, and using liquid insecticides as spot treatments. Rest assured that your safety is paramount and that all treatments are safe for your family and pets when used correctly. Because one visit may not be enough, we offer follow-up visits as well as warranties. After treating your home, we will share various ant prevention tips, including the following five strategies.

Five Tips To Prevent Future Ant Infestations In Your Home

The following effective ant control tips can help you prevent future ant infestations:

  1. Seal air gaps in your home: Common house ants are tiny and can come indoors easily looking for food, water, and shelter. Please don't make it easier for them, and try to fix cracks and air gaps in your walls and foundation to prevent them from invading.
  2. Remove stagnant water: Many pests are attracted to stagnant water. Fixing leaks will also help keep other invaders at bay. Make sure your drains are not clogged, and remove kiddy pools, buckets, flower pots, and anything that might collect rainwater. Also, check the humidity level of your house. If it is high, one or more dehumidifiers can help, depending on the size of your home. Be sure to empty them regularly; otherwise, you will end up with yet another source of stagnant water.
  3. Keep trash cans closed and clean: Trash cans that are full of decomposing food or covered in food spills are a magnet for ants, flies, cockroaches, and other pests. It is always best to take the trash out daily, keep all bins closed tightly, and clean them regularly inside and outside.
  4. Keep food prep areas clean and disinfected: Because many ants are looking for food, you will often find them in kitchens and other places where you might handle food. Because they transmit dangerous pathogens, you might need to disinfect floors and surfaces. You will have a better chance of deterring ants by keeping your kitchen and dining room vacuumed, mopped, and wiped clean.
  5. Schedule regular inspections: Getting rid of ants can be difficult. They are tiny and can also grow new colonies quickly if treatments do not reach the queen. By scheduling regular inspections, you can spot an infestation while it is still in the early stages, making it easier to exterminate them.

Routine pest control treatments and these five tips are the best way to get rid of ants safely and all year.

If ants have started to invade, using ant pest control treatments and prevention strategies is the best way to eliminate these potentially dangerous pests. Contact us today for a free quote, schedule a home inspection, and let us get rid of your ant colonies for good.

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