Keep Pigeons At Bay: Expert Strategies For Effective Pigeon Control In Colorado Springs

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There are few birds that can get into as much trouble as pigeons can on your Colorado Springs property. While it is often understood that these common birds are nuisance pests, few people realize just how bad a pigeon problem can get. Whether you own a business or a home, you'll find all the info you need in this short article. We'll tell you how to identify pigeons and explain some of the unique behavior patterns that make them problematic birds. We look at the consequences of having these birds in your yard and share strategies to keep them at bay. We'll end with a quick guide to pigeon control in Colorado Springs and explain what the professionals use. If you'd like expert advice regarding your unique pigeon pest control issue, remember that your High Country Pest Control team is here to help you find an effective solution. Call us at any time.

Physical Characteristics Of Pigeons: How To Identify Them

Pigeons come in many shapes and colors, so even if you've seen a pigeon, you may still not recognize one. This is particularly true of fancy pigeons, which are bred to have exotic plumage. A fancy pigeon can have black, white, brown, yellow, green, and other colored feathers, and some look like fashion models with feathery boas. But, in the city, most pigeons look similar. 

  • They have a mixture of pale blue, shiny green, shiny purple, black, and white feathers. 

  • They are plump birds.

  • They are larger than the two other common pest birds in Colorado Springs: sparrows and starlings.

  • Pigeons often look like they're wearing hoods.

  • Pigeon eyes are red with a pupil in the center. There may also be a yellow or white coloration around the pupils.       

Pigeons in Colorado Springs are amazing animals – and not just amazing at getting into trouble. They have been the subject of many studies due to their amazing behavioral characteristics and physical abilities. These are important to consider as they will help you understand why you should never underestimate a pigeon.

  • Pigeons have great eyesight and are able to clearly distinguish shapes.

  • Pigeons are smart and demonstrate an ability to remember the shapes they see.

  • Pigeons are able to find their way home each day, even when conditions interfere with their senses.

  • Pigeons reproduce rapidly, but you never see their babies because they hide them in structural cavities.

  • Pigeons aren't picky eaters and often find meals in dumpsters and trash cans, which has led some to refer to pigeons as flying rats.

As you might imagine, controlling pigeons isn't easy. Their impeccable eyesight, smart brains, impressive homing abilities, nest habits, and eating preferences make them formidable pests to deal with on your property. Before we head into pigeon prevention and control, let's take a quick detour and discuss some reasons why you don't want pigeons in your yard or invading any structures on your property.

Property Damage And Health Risks: Consequences Of Pigeon Invasions

When pigeons select your property, there are a few things you can expect. Some may come as a surprise if you haven't had pigeons for long. Here are a few common problems that come along with a pigeon infestation.

  • The water-resistant fecal matter left by pigeons is slippery when wet.

  • Bird droppings are corrosive because birds expel uric acid within their dropping rather than through urination.

  • Pigeons are larger than other pest birds, so their waste is more noticeable and unsightly.

  • Due to the dining behaviors of pigeons, their fecal matter is a disease concern. A few of the common diseases linked to these birds are salmonellosis, cryptococcosis, and toxoplasmosis.

  • Pigeons like to get onto roofs and often nest underneath solar panels or around HVAC systems. Roof pigeon control is a must.

  • If pigeons get into a structural cavity or attic, they cause damage as they go in and out. They also make a mess and cause contamination.

  • Pigeons can make noises in your attic or walls and on your roof.

  • Pigeons find smart ways to enter commercial structures. Once inside, they can present a direct threat to customers.

In light of all the many ways these birds cause trouble, it is wise to keep them out and away from the structures on your property. Let's look at some smart prevention tips to help you let these birds know they are not welcome.

Create A Pigeon-Proof Environment: Strategies For Effective Prevention

One of the best ways to prevent pigeons from creating issues is to apply pigeon-proofing. What is pigeon-proofing? It is a set of exclusion methods that protect the key locations that attract these pest birds. Pigeons use their keen eyesight to find holes in cliff walls. They'll do the same as they fly by the exterior of your home or business. It is essential to seal every potential hole or opening they might exploit. If you find gaps in your exterior, you can apply expanding foam to seal things up and keep pigeons out. Pigeons hide under solar panels, so it is critical to guard this vulnerability with specialized bird prevention materials, such as netting and wire mesh. Pigeons get underneath roofs that pass over other roofs. Use netting to protect these spaces as well. A pigeon will only roost on your property if it finds favorable conditions.

Roosting is the primary concern, as pigeons will leave in the morning to search for food and water and find their way home later. You don't have to have any food or water on your property. But, addressing food and water can reduce pigeon activity and deter a pigeon from thinking, "Why not stay here, close to the food?" Here are a few tips to help you keep pigeons away:

  • Refrain from feeding the birds. Birdfeeders do more than attract beautiful and exotic birds. Your feeders will also attract pest birds, rodents, and other animals. 

  • Make sure all of your trash cans have covers that fit, and avoid overfilling your trash so that your covers aren't propped open.

  • Remove junk piles or store junk in a plastic container with a lid.

  • Get your gutters cleaned so water doesn't dampen the soil near your home and stay wet between rainstorms. Damp ground will create puddles for pigeons and other pest birds to drink.

  • Remove items in your yard that collect the rain.

These are the best methods for pigeon prevention, apart from installing bird deterrent products, which come with pitfalls if you're not trained. You may have noticed that we didn't recommend scare tactics. There is a good reason. They just don't work with pigeons. If you use a rubber snake or a stuffed owl to scare these birds away, they'll quickly use their intelligence to recognize the snake or owl as fakes. They also figure out that sound machines and flashing lights are not harmful to them, and they'll ignore them. It is hard to use scare tactics on a clever animal.

What is the best solution if you're currently dealing with a pigeon problem? It pays to hire someone who knows how to control pigeons. It isn't enough to install bird deterrents. You need to hire someone with training in pest management to make sure your bird control solution is viable.

Sound Solutions For Pigeon Control: Expert Services You Can Count On

If you need pigeon control in Colorado Springs, contact High Country Pest Control for pigeon deterrents and control you can trust. We use field-tested methods and the most trusted products in the industry. Do you have solar panels? No problem. We use products specifically designed to keep pigeons from finding harborage underneath. Are pigeons hanging out on your roofline or ledges? We apply bird spikes to drive them away. Bird spikes act like a scarecrow, but not like scare tactics. When pigeons fly near, they're smart enough to realize those spikes are not going to be easy to land on. Do you have an opening that pigeons can enter? We can cover openings with netting and other exclusion materials to keep pest birds out. Pest maintenance like this provides long-lasting protection for your home.

Your High Country Pest Control service professionals are highly trained, fully licensed, and experienced pest management experts. We know the pests we treat and will make sure you get the right control solution. We're also trained to install bird control products and will guard your property during installation. We're insured, so if an accident occurs, not only are you not the one taking the fall, but you're not paying the medical bills either. It pays to hire a knowledgeable bird control professional.

It is easy to get started. Navigate to our control page and schedule a service visit. You can also ask questions about what it costs to get bird control for your Colorado Springs property. We'll get back to you quickly and guide you from start to finish. Reach out to us today.

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