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How To Bug Proof Your Home Like A Pro

With spring just around the corner, it is important to take some time getting ready for all of the changes that come with it — including pest preparations.

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Common Winter Pests In Colorado To Keep An Eye Out For

It isn’t uncommon for your home to become invaded by pests during the winter, you need High Country Pest Control as your go-to insect and rodent control team.

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How Insects Survive The Winter

Curious how insects survive winters in Castle Rock? Read on and contact High Country Pest Control today for insect pest control services.

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How Bed Bugs Spread — And How To Prevent It

Did you know that one single female bed bug in your home can reinfest with over 300 adults and 1,000 new eggs in just three months?

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Mouse Vs. Rat Infestation: How To Tell The Difference

A few rodents in your home is one thing, but once they start to reproduce, you’ll be dealing with an infestation that can cause physical damage to your home.

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Tick Season In Colorado

If you’ve ever come across a tick crawling across your body, then you likely know the feeling of sheer disgust as you frantically try and get it off.