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Frequently Asked Questions About Beetles

What are beetles?

Beetles are small insects that come in a wide range of sizes, shapes, colors, and patterns. You may easily recognize some beetles, such as the June bug and lady beetle, but you need help identifying others, like the carpet beetle.

Beetles are ubiquitous, and they invade your home or business however possible. It's important to reach out to High Country Pest Control for help defeating infestations of these pests when you find them on your Colorado Springs property.

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Are beetles dangerous?

Beetles are not the most harmful pests you may encounter on your property, though they are a major nuisance to deal with. Beetles don't transmit bacteria and pathogens, and they are unlikely to bite humans unless directly handled; a beetle bite may break the skin and be painful, but the chance for allergic reaction or serious symptoms are minimal.

The biggest problem with beetles is dealing with these pests when they invade stored items, including stored food items. Beetles in your dry food result in contaminated food that you need to throw away, and beetles may leave behind droppings that stain surfaces and fabrics.

Why do I have a beetle problem?

Beetle problems typically occur on properties with many factors that attract these pests, such as easy access to food, water, and shelter. Bright white lights, uncovered food, trash cans, damp or humid conditions, and overgrown outdoor areas are all attractants that will encourage beetle problems to start on a property, and you will need local beetle control to get rid of them.

Where will I find beetles?

While you may find beetles anywhere on your property, the most common places to encounter these pests are in overgrown grass and piles of organic debris, near trash cans and compost piles, or indoors around kitchens, bathrooms, food storage areas, and basements. 

Effective residential and commercial pest control depends on removing all traces of these insects from your property.

How do I get rid of beetles?

You don't have to take on beetle removal all alone; let High Country Pest Control help you deal with these pests and protect your property from beetle invaders. With our tailored Colorado Springs pest control solutions, your property will be free of beetles in no time, and you can reclaim the peace within your home or business.

Call us now to learn more or get started.

How can I prevent beetles in the future?

Prevent future beetle problems by making your property less hospitable using our home pest control expert tips below:

  • Fix moisture issues and leaking faucets that might contribute to excess pools of water on your property or the humid conditions that beetles love.
  • Seal cracks around your foundation, windows, and doors, and install reliable window and door screens to keep beetles outside.
  • Clear away piles of debris, organic waste like fallen fruit, and long grass to reduce beetle hiding spots.
  • Replace outdoor lighting with motion-sensor lights and amber-colored bug bulbs.
  • Seal up trash bags tightly and always use trash cans with tight-fitting lids to keep beetles from scavenging in these areas.
  • Prevent beetle pest prey, such as aphids, from settling around your property and attracting hungry beetle species.

Contact High Country Pest Control today for more expert beetle prevention information or effective beetle removal for your Colorado Springs property.

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