Black Widow Spider Identification & Prevention

Safely Resolve Your Black Widow Spider Infestation

If you live in Colorado Springs or the surrounding areas, there is no pest control issue quite as alarming as black widow spider infestation. These poisonous spiders produce neurotoxic venom, so ignoring the signs of black widows in your home or business can have deadly consequences. Don’t take any chances be leaving this issue unaddressed. High Country Pest Control will use the latest spider exterminator technology and home pest control methods to ensure that your infestation is safely and thoroughly resolved. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation!

Frequently Asked Questions About Black Widow Spiders

What are black widow spiders?

The adult black widow female is usually jet black and nearly ½-inch in length. The underside has a red hourglass marking. The males are half the size of the females and light brown with a yellow hourglass marking.

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Where will I find black widow spiders?

This spider is usually found around shrubbery, in woodpiles, under boards, around brickwork, in crawl spaces, and in corners of garages. They are especially common in areas where brick and wood siding extends close to ground level.

Are black widow spiders dangerous?

Black widow female spiders produce neurotoxic venom, which affects the nervous system. Some of the symptoms involve a numbing pain in the affected area and cramps in one or several of the large muscle masses.

How do I get rid of black widow spiders?

The best way to reduce or eliminate the presence of black widow spiders around your home or office is to have a professional apply a pest control treatment to  the exterior, interior, garages, and crawl spaces of the home or business. High Country Pest Control offers a professional treatment for the reduction of black widow spiders. Our pest control technicians are thoroughly trained to address your spider problems.

Don’t risk your safety or waste time and money on over-the-counter remedies and unprofessional service. Call High Country Pest Control for reliable pest control service and a free phone quote today!

How do I prevent black widow spiders in the future?

It is essential to gain control on black widows with a pest control maintenance plan. Due to the severity of the bite, professional control measures are crucial.

Why Choose High Country Pest Control?

  • Thorough treatments to ensure your pest problem is resolved
  • The latest spider extermination technology and methods
  • Safe, eco-friendly treatments
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  • Convenient appointments – No need to leave your home during treatments
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee – We aren't done until you're happy
  • Support local business – We've been Colorado owned and operated for more than 30 years
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