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Fleas are a nuisance and pose a threat to your beloved pets and family members as they are capable of not only biting and causing skin irritation, but spreading infections and diseases such as typhus and tularemia. If you suspect fleas have infested your home or business, you can rest assured when you work with our experienced pest control professionals at High Country Pest Control in Colorado Springs and the surrounding areas to get rid of fleas for good.

Frequently Asked Questions About Fleas

How can fleas be identified?

Fleas can be identified by the following characteristics:

  • Size: Fleas are only about 2.5mm long. They do not have wings, although they can jump long distances.
  • Color: Their bodies are a shiny, reddish-brown color and are covered with microscopic hairs.
  • Reproduction: One single female flea can lay about 18 eggs per day. This means that just 20 fleas on a dog can produce a whopping 360 eggs per day and over 2,000 eggs in one week.
a flea on a person

How do I know if I have an flea infestation?

Common signs of a flea infestation:

  • Pets scratching: A common indication of a flea infestation would be pets that are excessively scratching and trying to groom themselves. This is due to the discomfort of flea activity as adult fleas like to feed on blood.
  • Itchy bites: When a flea infestation occurs, people often experience bites that leave itchy bite marks on the skin.
  • Flea eggs: If you suspect a flea infestation occurs, take a look at out-of-the-way places such as in a pet's bedding, in carpets, around furniture, an inside of cracks and grooves in the floors for flea eggs.
  • Adult fleas: Fleas are fairly easy to see in their adult phase.

How did I end up with a flea infestation?

More often than not, flea infestations occur from a pet dog or cat who brought them inside. These pests are attracted to hairy animals, making your pets the perfect place to land. Fleas attach to the animal when it's outside, infest its fur, and then ultimately the places that it sleeps indoors. While flea prevention for both the home and yard can be difficult, working with a professional pest control service to put a proactive plan in place can help lower the vulnerability of pet owners to experience an infestation.

Fleas also may have become a problem in your home due to a mouse that brought them inside. Because fleas depend on blood to survive, if the creature that brought it inside is removed from the home, the fleas that previously fed on it are forced to feed on pets and people.

How can I prevent a flea infestation in the future?

Because fleas often come into the home via pets, regular grooming and regular animal flea control products help to limit fleas on the pet and decrease the chances of experiencing a flea infestation. Be sure to consult with your veterinarian for help with treating your pets for fleas.

When you notice that fleas have infested the home, the best course of action is to contact a professional home pest control company. This is because there is no way to ensure that fleas are completely exterminated from the home as they often hide out in unseen places. Many at-home flea remedies are also full of harsh chemicals that are extremely unhealthy for pets and humans alike. When you work with a professional team like the one at High Country Pest Control, you are not only getting effective and complete flea removal, but you are also ensuring the safety of your pets and family members as we use safe, environmentally friendly ingredients for all of our products.

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"Excellent communication and customer service. We are very impressed with the high level of care they give to our home. I highly recommend!"

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"I had a very peasant experience with this company! The professional that came to my house went above and beyond, was extremely patient with me, and was very knowledgable on the infestation problems I was having. I highly recommend calling in for a quote. They make it very easy for you and send professionals out really fast."

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"High Country does an excellent, thorough job. At one time I had a mouse, ant, spider, and wasp problem. No longer, ever since High Country has been coming to the house. They are always on time, very friendly. If I do have problems they are back timely."

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