Grasshopper Identification & Prevention

It’s Time For Grasshoppers To Hop On Out Of Your Yard

Grasshoppers are insatiable creatures that consume one-half of their body weight daily. Both adult and baby (nymph) grasshoppers cause damage to yards of homes and businesses by chewing on the leaves and stems of plants, and if the infestation is severe, they can even defoliate entire fields. If you are noticing signs of damage to the greenery around your space, don’t wait until it's too late — give the pest control pros at High Country Pest Control in the Colorado Springs area a call today.

Frequently Asked Questions About Grasshoppers

What are grasshoppers?

Adult grasshoppers grow to be 1-2 inches long and are brown to reddish yellow or green in color. They have prominent jaws, fully developed winds, and short antennae. Grasshoppers also have enlarged hind legs that allow them to jump great distances.

a grasshopper on a blade of grass

What is the life cycle of grasshoppers?

After a mating ritual is performed between the male and female grasshopper, the female will lay up to 25 clutches of 10-60 eggs within a few weeks. These clutches are laid in the summertime, and the eggs typically hatch the following spring (although some hatch early and live through the winter).

Unlike most insects, grasshoppers only have three life stages and have a short lifespan of about a year. These three stages are: egg, nymph, and adult.

How do I treat and prevent a grasshopper infestation?

While there is no way of truly preventing grasshoppers from entering your yard, there are some things you can do to help steer them away from your beloved foliage. One way is by creating a natural spray by blending onion, garlic, and cayenne pepper with some water. You should be able to spray this mixture from a bottle and smell the aromas of it. This spray typically will not harm plants, but be sure to do a test spray and wait a day.

If your natural spray does not harm your plant, spray your garden thoroughly, making sure to cover all of the leaves and stems. Be sure to respray as necessary, because rain will wash the mixture off of the plants.

If you are looking for a more permanent solution to keep grasshoppers at bay and keep your plants healthy and thriving, you will want to call in the pros. At High Country Pest Control, our knowledgeable team of pest control technicians have years of experience in fighting off these pests and keeping them out. We know how special your plants and trees are, and the last thing you want is a barren-looking yard. With your satisfaction as our top priority, you can trust that our home pest control team will get the job done.

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