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Frequently Asked Questions About Pigeons

What are pigeons?

Pigeons, also called rock doves, are wild birds that have adapted to living near people. They have stout bodies and short necks, with feathers that range in color from shades of gray and brown to white. Pigeons are common throughout the world and frequently seen on window ledges, rooftops, or other urban settings. They typically feed on grains, seeds, and small insects like mealworms. Pigeon populations generally thrive wherever food is plentiful and plenty of nesting material is available nearby. Due to this adaptability to human environments, pigeons can be incredibly destructive and considered pests.

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Are pigeons dangerous?

Yes, pigeons can be dangerous in certain situations. They are known for carrying diseases like salmonellosis, cryptococcosis, and toxoplasmosis. The accumulation of pigeon feces on roofs and other areas provides a breeding ground for germs and parasites that can be hazardous to humans or pets. In addition to health risks, pigeons can also cause property damage by scratching paint off siding or window frames with their sharp claws and beaks. Their droppings can also damage buildings and create a slip hazard. Finally, If left unchecked, a large number of pigeons in an area can simply become a nuisance. They make loud noises that disrupt daily activities. Controlling pigeons is important for the safety of people and properties.

Why do I have a pigeon problem?

Pigeons often become a problem because they have plenty of access to food. Pigeons are known for being scavengers, so if you have garbage cans outside your property or there is regularly leftover food in the streets, that'll attract them and draw them closer to homes and other populated areas. They also prefer nesting in high places like roofs and trees, which provide shelter from predators and easy access to food sources. If your property has any of these features, pigeons will likely flock to the area. Professional pigeon control services like High Country Pest Control can keep these birds away and make sure your property is safe.

Where will I find pigeons?

As mentioned before, pigeons love to nest in high places such as trees and roofs since these provide shelter from predators as well as easy access to food sources. They tend to thrive wherever food is plentiful, so it's not uncommon for them to become a nuisance in areas with readily available garbage cans or leftover food. In some cases, they may even build nests inside attics or other places in your home. Pigeon pest control services can help identify and remove these birds from your property.

How do I get rid of pigeons?

Eliminating a pigeon problem on your own is difficult once they have established a permanent presence in your area. Simply removing food sources and access points does not guarantee the pigeons will stay away. These birds are very resourceful, meaning any DIY pigeon control method may only work briefly. For effective and lasting results, it's best to consult a pest control professional like High County Pest Control. We provide services that help remove existing infestations and keep future nuisance birds away from your property.

How can I prevent pigeons in the future?

Preventing a pigeon infestation is essential to keeping your home or business safe and healthy. Here are some practical tips on how to control pigeons around your property:

  • Eliminate outdoor food sources such as garbage cans, pet food bowls, and bird feeders. Limit their access to water sources as well.
  • Seal up any holes or open spaces around buildings that pigeons can use for entry points. Install window guards and screens on vents when possible.
  • Never feed pigeons, as this will only encourage them to stay in the area.
  • Regularly inspect your property's interior and exterior for signs of nesting birds or droppings.
  • Avoid leaving open space on flat surfaces around your property, such as ledges, rooftops, etc. 

For a more permanent solution to bird control, contact High Country Pest Control for the best pigeon control services. Our experienced technicians can implement a variety of control methods to keep your property safe and pigeon-free. Call us today to learn more about our services.

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