Stinging Insect Identification & Prevention

Frequently Asked Questions About Stinging Insects

What are stinging insects?

People normally refer to flying insects that sting as 'stinging insects.' Many types of stinging insects fall into this category, with wasps and yellow jackets being some of the worst stinging insects you might encounter around your property. Both of these species are highly aggressive and will swarm an individual they deem a threat to their nests. You can recognize yellow jackets by their yellow and black striped pattern, while wasps tend to grow larger; you'll see them in colors of red, brown, black, and even blue, depending on the specific species.

Stinging insect identification provided by High Country Pest Control will help you figure out which species of stinging insect is invading your property and the best methods to control these pests.

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Are stinging insects dangerous?

Stinging insects are very dangerous when they buzz around your property due to their aggressive nature and the health problems they can cause with their stings. Stings from wasps and yellow jackets are painful and can easily trigger allergic reactions that range from mild swelling to severe anaphylaxis. Multiple stings may trigger serious allergic reactions even in those individuals without preexisting sensitivities.

Why do I have a stinging insect problem?

Stinging insects generally seek properties with lots of sweet-smelling flowers, overgrown foliage where they can create their nests, and easily accessible food and moisture to sustain themselves. It's important to check your property for these factors and take steps to remove or reduce them if you want to deter stinging insect invaders.

Where will I find stinging insects?

Stinging insects typically create their nests high in trees, in abandoned holes in the ground, along the siding of your property, in garages, on the eaves of decks and porches, and even in the spaces between walls. Our service professionals will inspect your property for signs of stinging insects to ensure you don't accidentally stumble across one of their dangerous nests.

How do I get rid of stinging insects?

Professional stinging insect control is the best way to get rid of stinging insects and reclaim your property from these dangerous pests. Our team at High Country Pest Control is ready to help you remove all traces of stinging insects from your property so you can enjoy your outdoor and indoor areas with the peace of mind that a pest-free area brings.

Call us now to learn more about our stinging insect control solutions or to get started.

How can I prevent stinging insects in the future?

Prevent stinging insects in the future by following our expert advice on making your property less desirable to these pests.

  • Choose to plant stinging insect-repelling plants such as marigolds, basil, and geraniums around outdoor areas to deter these pests.
  • Cut back overhanging branches, overgrown foliage, and long grass, and remove piles of debris to reduce stinging insect harborage areas.
  • Fill in any holes outdoors to prevent stinging insects from nesting in them.
  • Address water issues around your property that may create excess moisture for stinging insects to take advantage of.
  • Remove outdoor pet food, cover compost piles, and make sure trash cans have secure lids to prevent stinging insects from scavenging.
  • Always clean food and drink spills outdoors to stop stinging insects from gravitating to your property.

Getting rid of stinging insects in your home is important, so you don't have to deal with dangerous insect bites and stings. Reach out to High Country Pest Control right away if you need further advice on preventing stinging insects or assistance removing an infestation from your property.

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