Pest Control In Black Forest, CO

Quality Pest Control In Black Forest, CO

Located on the outskirts of the Colorado Springs metro area, Black Forest is an unincorporated community known for its long history of development from the earliest days of Colorado's timber and mining industries. Nowadays, it's a lovely community located right next to city amenities and the great outdoor areas our state is known for.

However, when human development sprawls into natural areas, this overlap can invite all kinds of pests to wander onto our properties. If you aren't prepared to handle pest control in Black Forest, you could open yourself up to property damage or even diseases.

Learn how High Country Pest Control can help you ward off and quickly eliminate pest populations before they start causing you trouble. With both residential and commercial pest services, we keep local homes and businesses safe from pests all year round.

Residential Pest Control In Black Forest

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Pests invade our homes because they know they can find food, water, and shelter either in or around our properties. Whether it's wildlife roaming around and tearing up your yard or tiny critters invading your walls or attic, all kinds of pests can threaten Black Forest homes.

That's why staying up-to-date on pest control methods and inspections is crucial. If you're only reacting to pests as you notice them, you won't actually avoid the side effects of an infestation. That's why High Country Pest Control offers these home pest control services:

  • One-Time Service: If you have an immediate problem with ants, spiders, wasps, or other problematic bugs, we provide one-time treatments to eliminate these pest populations.
  • Quarterly: Our quarterly service is designed to keep your property ahead of the curve when it comes to combatting seasonal pest problems.
  • Bi-Monthly: Coming out every two months ensures that a trained professional is routinely inspecting your property for pest activity. Since only experts know how to spot the early signs of an infestation, we recommend these extra visits.
  • Monthly: Our most comprehensive and frequent service guarantees that you won't ever be caught off guard by a pest problem on your property.

We back all of our services with a guarantee, meaning we don't charge extra if you need us to come out between our scheduled services. We'll always follow up with you to make sure you're completely satisfied with the course of your pest control plan.

Contact High Country Pest Control today for a free estimate and get started with comprehensive services that provide your best guarantee of avoiding pest problems.

Commercial Pest Control In Black Forest

Even business owners have to worry about pests invading their properties. In fact, the costs of a pest infestation on a business can be even more devastating than they are for residential property owners. Since you rely on the income your local business generates, you can't afford to have it shut down for pest treatments or as a result of enforcement by your local public health authorities.

That's why High Country Pest Control offers commercial pest control services that shield local businesses from pest infestations. We offer the same kinds of ongoing services for businesses that we do for homeowners, and we always make sure to work with you on a schedule that meets your business's unique needs and provides the least amount of disruption.

Proper pest control is a lot more affordable than the costs pest infestations can bring, whether that's due to property damage or costs associated with health impacts to your customers and workforce. It's not just smart for the businesses we tend to think of as high-risk, such as food service locations or waste facilities, to have ongoing pest protection. Even offices, warehouses, hotels, and other commercial properties can wind up with costly pest problems.

That's why, no matter what kind of property you own or manage, you should take the problems that pests cause seriously. Avoid these repercussions for your Black Forest business by contacting High Country Pest Control today.

Total Rodent Prevention For Black Forest Homes

Dealing with mice and rats in your house is never pleasant, but serious rodent infestations can lead to larger problems. Rodents have long teeth that never stop growing, so they file them down on commonplace items and cause bite marks everywhere. They can also claw and dig their way through packaged foods or into your walls and storage areas. Rodent droppings can also cause stains or discoloration and can even be a way for diseases like salmonellosis to spread.

You can prevent rodents from becoming a big problem in your house by getting started on rodent control steps today, not just when mice or rats are already sneaking around. Being proactive in your pest control efforts helps prevent problems from becoming even more unmanageable.

Here's what you can do to address your risk of invasion:

  • Attractants: Attractants is just a fancy word for anything that draws pests to your property. This can include sources of food, water, and shelter. Proper cleaning and maintenance can address some of these rodent attractants, but you also need to be mindful of landscaping and trash storage.
  • Access Points: The other reason that ongoing inspections and maintenance are important is that pests like rodents can use small cracks or holes to gain access to your home. These entry points will need to be sealed off to keep rodents from using them.
  • Pest Control: Partnering with your local pest control experts ensures that you're staying on top of all these steps and using appropriate methods. Plus, the treatments and monitoring professionals provide are much better than DIY removal attempts.

Our pest control experts can help you keep up with total pest control in the most effective and appropriate ways for your home. So, contact High Country Pest Control today for complete rodent prevention for your Black Forest home.

The Best Way To Get Rid Of Roaches In Your Black Forest Home Fast

Cockroaches don't just invade dirty homes; they can be a common problem for any property owner. As scavengers that look for food sources and moist areas, cockroaches are drawn to our homes no matter how clean we keep them. That's why it's important to take steps to prevent a cockroach infestation before it happens.

With help from High Country Pest Control, you'll always stay one step ahead of pesky roaches. With ongoing treatments and frequent inspections, we provide the best form of protection against cockroaches and any other pests that might be drawn to your home for the warmth and sustenance it provides.

To get rid of cockroaches or get started on preventative services that keep them out entirely, turn to High Country Pest Control for assistance.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

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"Excellent communication and customer service. We are very impressed with the high level of care they give to our home. I highly recommend!"

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"I had a very peasant experience with this company! The professional that came to my house went above and beyond, was extremely patient with me, and was very knowledgable on the infestation problems I was having. I highly recommend calling in for a quote. They make it very easy for you and send professionals out really fast."

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"High Country does an excellent, thorough job. At one time I had a mouse, ant, spider, and wasp problem. No longer, ever since High Country has been coming to the house. They are always on time, very friendly. If I do have problems they are back timely."

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