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Castle Pines is one of the most picturesque cities in Douglas County. It boasts upscale residential communities perfect for families, and its stunning surroundings are hard to beat. And being a stone's throw away from Denver and the Rocky Mountains, it is an excellent place for many to settle.

There is much to do in the area. We recommend checking out the prestigious Castle Pines Golf Club. You can enjoy a round of golf surrounded by fantastic mountain views there. Or, go to the nearby Castle Pines State Park and the Castlewood Canyon State Park for hiking and wildlife viewing.

Unfortunately, one issue that can be challenging to avoid is the high likelihood of pest infestations. Our favorable climate and natural surroundings make the perfect home for pests, which can seek food and shelter within our properties. Still, with quality pest control In Castle Pines, CO, you can keep your loved ones and business safe from unwanted intruders year-round.

Residential Pest Control In Castle Pines

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When unwelcome pests infiltrate your home, they can cause problems ranging from property damage to unsightly droppings and diseases. Eradicating them can be tricky, as DIY strategies can allow infestations to worsen. Still, home pest control in Castle Pines, CO, is an excellent solution for long-term results.

At High Country Pest Control, we have experience eliminating pest intrusions swiftly and understand that even the most urgent situations require safe, effective, and eco-friendly pest control methods.

Our process begins with a free phone estimate followed by a thorough inspection to find and address entry points and other factors that can lead to infestations. We will also review the various treatment strategies that can make your home a pest-free haven and recommend follow-up visits, if necessary, that we will tailor to your requirements.

We can address anything from bed bugs and scavenger control to wood-destroying pests and nuisance birds. Call our experts today to learn how effective treatments combined with prevention strategies will ensure exceptional results year-round.

Commercial Pest Control In Castle Pines

Local business owners have enough work building a successful and competitive company without dealing with pest infestations. Still, commercial pest control in Castle Pines, CO, is essential to keep unwanted and potentially dangerous intrusions away from your property.

At High Country Pest Control, we strive to offer comprehensive solutions tailored to your industry and unique situation to swiftly address pest problems and the factors that can make them possible. A pest infestation can tarnish your image, damage your property, spread germs to your clients and staff, and lead to negative reviews.

But with regular inspections, interior and exterior treatments when necessary, elimination of conducive conditions, and other strategies, we can address active pest issues and protect against future infestations. We offer flexible follow-up treatment plans for your convenience and back our services with a satisfaction guarantee.

If you are ready to protect your business and ensure optimal results, get started today with a free estimate over the phone and learn why we are the premier company for quality pest control solutions in Castle Pines.

Why New Home Buyers In Castle Pines Need Professional WDO Inspections

If you're looking to buy a home in Castle Pines, professional wood-destroying organism (WDO) inspections are one of the best ways to ensure you invest wisely. The area is a hub for subterranean termites and carpenter ants, which can significantly threaten wooden structures, from furniture to support beams.

Subterranean termites, which live underground, can go undetected for years. Carpenter ants do not digest wood like termites do but will create nests within it, undermining its structural integrity. Without early detection, both can inflict extensive damage.

Our High Country Pest Control experts offer top-rated carpenter ant and termite inspections in Castle Pines with state-of-the-art technology to identify termite warning signs, conducive conditions, and the presence of these unwanted guests. They provide crucial data for informed decisions and preemptive measures against termite damage.

During our inspection, we will evaluate your property for signs of infestations or potential risk factors, including moisture issues, wood-to-soil contact, and more. We will also look for the mud shelter tubes that subterranean termites use to travel, winged swarming termites, and more. We will then provide you with a prompt inspection report and same-day or next-day service options.

WDO inspections are critical for new home buyers. Don't wait for termites and carpenter ants to become a problem. Call High Country Pest Control to learn how 30 years of pest control experience and highly trained technicians have made us the go-to company for optimal protection against termites and carpenter ants.

Don't Leave Your Castle Pines Home At Risk For Rodents

You work hard to keep your Castle Pines home safe and comfortable. Ensuring it stays protected against the lurking threat of rodents is an essential part of a comprehensive effort to protect your loved ones year-round from pathogens and more.

Rodents are skilled infiltrators. They seek refuge in warm and sheltered areas, of which our homes often have plenty, and are challenging to detect until they've caused significant damage or their colony has become substantial.

Unfortunately, these unwelcome guests can wreak havoc on your home in many ways. They are known to gnaw through electrical wiring, potentially causing fires, and damaging insulation, which can lead to energy inefficiency. Their droppings and urine can also contain pathogens that cause dangerous diseases, like salmonella poisoning. Rodents reproduce rapidly. The problem is likely to escalate without proper rodent control in Castle Pines.

The good news is that High Country Pest Control can protect your home through proactive measures and decades of expertise in comprehensive rodent control services tailored to your needs. Let us do the heavy lifting by identifying conducive conditions and signs of infestations to eliminate the issue. We will also provide prevention strategies for the best results. Contact us today to get started without delay.

Protect your Castle Pines home from rodents, termites, and other pests with High Country Pest Control. We offer comprehensive solutions, including WDO inspections for new home buyers, to ensure your property remains pest-free year-round.

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"High Country does an excellent, thorough job. At one time I had a mouse, ant, spider, and wasp problem. No longer, ever since High Country has been coming to the house. They are always on time, very friendly. If I do have problems they are back timely."

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