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Being in a city with nearby mountains and parks, desirable amenities, and a family-friendly atmosphere is a privilege. However, even in ideal locations, property owners must always be ready for encounters with pests. When mice or other critters make holes in furniture, chew fabric and paper, or create stains on walls, it's unpleasant, to put it mildly. Protecting your health and property from destructive pests requires ongoing treatments from a Highlands Ranch pest control company.

High Country Pest Control knows how to thwart infestations and eliminate pests from your property. We provide residential and commercial pest control services that get results. Regularly treating the exterior of your property and applying effective products keep pests away for the long haul. Because pests may hide in spaces property owners may overlook, it pays to schedule an inspection now and then during the year.

Residential Pest Control In Highlands Ranch

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Homeowners should always look for ways to improve their property's defenses against pests. Flying stinging insects may fly through windows, hover around garbage or standing water, and leave painful injuries. Mice and rats may enter holes in roofs, raid kitchens, or cause nightly disturbances. Without adequate protection and prevention strategies, pests can spread germs, ruin furniture and carpeting, or frequently reinfest your dwelling.

High Country Pest Control is ready to support homeowners with pests that won't go away. When your property has plenty of food, clutter, hiding spaces, and water, it's usually subject to pest problems.

Find ways to exclude invading insects and rodents to make it harder for them to enter. Cover vents, add screens to windows, and install weatherstripping to doors. Patch holes, caulk gaps around wiring and plumbing, and replace damaged structural elements.

When invading pests feel like permanent roommates, it's time to call High Country Pest Control for home pest control services in Highlands Ranch.

Commercial Pest Control In Highlands Ranch

It's an unhealthy situation when a business has an infestation of roaches, bed bugs, mice, or rats. Pests don't care about destroying property to build nests or get nesting material. Droppings, urine, and foul odors may make customers and employees feel sick and disgusted. Keep pests away by using exclusion techniques and having a pest control service professional regularly inspect and treat your business.

High Country Pest Control believes in keeping properties pest-free for better health and protecting your bottom line. An infestation may harm reputations, lead to injuries or illnesses, and cause business owners to pay hefty fines. The worst-case scenario for a company struggling to eliminate pests might require an indefinite shutdown of operations.

Facing pests head-on to remove nests, trying to capture critters with traps or bait, or applying DIY solutions isn't the best way to handle pest problems. Letting a pest control technician inspect your business and use a commercial pest control solution discretely is less risky and more convenient.

At High Country Pest Control, we understand there are no one-size-fits-all solutions to control pest problems. Regularly servicing your business and combining different products and exclusion techniques that match the type of pest invading your property ensures a long-term remedy.

It's risky to operate a business without scheduled pest control services. When pests make a mess, it might lead to slip-and-fall incidents or transmit parasites or pathogens. Small mites, fleas, ticks, or other unsavory elements might live on mice, rats, or pigeons. Or, a business might sustain severe structural and cosmetic damage if an infestation continues for too long.

Contact High Country Pest Control for commercial pest control services in Highlands Ranch at the first sign of rowdy pests.

Four Simple Rodent Exclusion Tips To Prevent Rats In Highlands Ranch

It's a hassle for property owners when mice, rats, or other rodents pay a visit and refuse to leave. These pests are awful because they spread germs, chew on wires, furniture, and paper, and build nests in hidden spaces. It helps to schedule an inspection to uncover rodents in attics, crawl spaces, insulation, or wall voids. Mice and other rodents love invading buildings because they have climate control, food, water, and nesting materials.

High Country Pest Control knows the frustration and health risks that come with rodent infestations. These critters may become aggressive if threatened with removal and lash out with a bite or scratch. Cleaning up droppings, urine, or greasy stains may risk illness transmission or aggravate respiratory ailments if you're not careful.

Learn what attractants on your property are enticing rodents to invade your home and remove them. Have High Country Pest Control apply rodent control products and techniques to curb these pests and follow these exclusion tips:

  1. Stuff steel wool into rodent holes and gaps or cracks where there is traffic.
  2. Place mesh, chew-proof screens, or caulk openings in entry points.
  3. Apply essential oils that may repel mice and rats around the perimeter of your property.
  4. Remove food and water, cover up garbage, and eliminate clutter and debris.

Exclude rodents by blocking off entry points and building barriers around your home's exterior perimeter and interior. Monitor for signs of activity, and don't wait for an infestation to gain a foothold before taking preventative action.

Give High Country Pest Control a call for the best rodent control services in Highlands Ranch to resolve infestations and disturbances.

What's The Best Way To Get Rid Of A Pigeon Problem In Highlands Ranch?

There's nothing nice to say about pigeons when they won't vacate your property. Messy dropping splattered over vehicles, walkways, and exteriors is unpleasant and a health hazard. Excess noise and disturbances from pigeons on your property are other hassles. Professional bird control is the best way to stop pigeons from disturbing the peace and spreading parasites or germ-causing illnesses.

High Country Pest Control is ready to swoop in and drive out pigeons that are more than a nuisance. These critters might build nests near air conditioners, cavities, or gutters or hang out on ledges and roofs.

Find ways to make your property less desirable to roosting pigeons so they raise their offspring elsewhere.

The following solutions may prove helpful:

  • Have High Country Pest Control apply EPA-registered products to affected areas with pigeons.
  • Install scare tactics like faux wooden predators or reflective devices on your property where birds perch.
  • Remove food sources and yard debris, and keep garbage out of reach.
  • Consider using devices that emit a sonic frequency that deters birds.

Transform your property into a place where pigeons don't feel welcome and are less likely to coat with droppings, feathers, and debris. Remove attractants and have your property inspected, monitored, and treated for feathered pests.

When noisy, dirty pigeons become a serious problem, contact High Country Pest Control for pigeon control services in Highlands Ranch.

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